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Posted by PhilESkyline

While looking for quality headphones for the gym I came across the Sennheiser Adidas sports line. The guy introducing them does a dead-on Christopher Walken, hilarious!

Posted by Example1013

I just wanted to say...

I was here.

Posted by TooWalrus
@Example1013 said:

I just wanted to say...

I was here.

Yes. Also, this is lame. Also, he's not doing an impression, he just talks in a slightly similar way. Also, even if it was an impression, it's not impressive- Walken is the most impersonated voice ever, I remember kids in middle school watching Pulp Fiction and being able to do it perfectly. Also, this is youtube spam. Also, fuck you.
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Pulp Fiction, that was the movie name. Couldn't think of it yesterday when I was doing a trivia thing.

Posted by NTM

Let's slowww down, and get into a smooooth rhythm. Kenny!

Posted by TheDudeOfGaming

Yeah, he sounds like him, here and there, but overall no. Check out Kevin Polak's impression of him, i laughed to tears.

Posted by PeasantAbuse

Christopher Walken is more black than that guy.

Posted by BraveToaster

@PeasantAbuse said:

Christopher Walken is more black than that guy.


Posted by PhilESkyline

@TooWalrus: Oh yeah I know it's not an impersonation it's just the way he talks that sounds like him.

Posted by Trace

...well, I guess that goes to show that there exist people whose voices can be similar to Christopher Walken's voice.

However, posting a video with little in the way of original comment does fall under our YouTube spam rules, since it's not much of a discussion beyond "look at this video of a funny-talking guy." Sorry about that.