Uncharted 2

Well, I have not really played online multiplayer much with Uncharted 2. With the release of the new DLC and Double Money weekend, I thought why not. 
 Well I played several hours of the weekend, and I really enjoyed it. The game is quite balanced for me, and I do like the progression of the unlocks and gaining money to purchase the upgrades. 
I got a few games of the co-op modes also, really enjoyed those also. Working as a team to defeat waves of enemies is great, but now with the Siege mode, thats also cool, and enjoyed the rounds I played of that. 
all in all, Uncharted 2 did a great Mutliplayer component for their first in the series. 



think I would, I don't own a PS3 yet, but if the trophies took me away from the normal gameplay of the game, that would be cool.


Loving Giant Bomb

Wow I am addicted to Giant Bomb now, I love that its a real community, that will grew and mature, and complete the most comprehensive game encyclopedia on the net.

The rest of the sites mean nothing to me now.

Good times ahead.



Wow after seeing the site disappear, and then this morning seeing a place holder, within the next hour the site is open and many people registering.

So I am glad the site is open, I get first pick on a user name, that's cool, first time I can use my first name.

Any way I hope to contribute to this website, as my passion for gaming increases.

See you soon.