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Signed up again, and nice to hear Ryan, been a while :(

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Hey, I sent a request also.

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Xbox 360


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@ltsquigs said:

Were aware the points per object are messing up, looking into it.

I am not sure if this helps or not.= or even related. But it is also not listed in my Top Wiki Edits.

If not fixable, not a problem, but if this is still occurring I assume you would like to fix it.

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@ltsquigs said:

Were aware the points per object are messing up, looking into it.

Many Thanks.

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Did you make some edits when the new site first went live? They fixed the issue now but it seems like points you were supposed to earn back then are lost.

Well You can see it was Late Wednesday Evening, I have not lost the points from my account, but on this page it seems.

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I have noticed that wiki points are a but messed up.

First screenshot shows that I have a total of 79 points.

Second Screenshot is of the Top Contributors for Slender: The Arrival. I should be 2nd in the list, but nowhere to be seen.

I also have the feeling, that if you simply Edit a page, and make 1 change, you get alot of points.

For example, if you goto a person page, and Simply add their last name, you get alot of points. added last name, and Gender to male and received 13 points, I have received more just for setting the Last name.

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It could be slow due to a completely rewritten site, and all kinds of indexing services and robots (Google) are checking the site out, due to rewritten pages, causing some slow down. At least this is what happened on another site I was part of that got a redesign.

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GT: Pheee

Im on tonight from 8pm Mountain time

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I did a good buying session on the TP to upgrade armor and weapons. probably spent no more than 5 silver with some Rares in the mix.

Will see if I can survive longer in battle.