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@PhilipDuck: Can't remember which company it was, but it only sends you one DVD, you'll have to look it up yourself. It wasn't Gamefly, but don't quote me on that. It doesn't have an online pass.

Cheers guys, and yeah think it was redbox.

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Just quick question guys, does this game need an online pass? Or would it be sweet to rent? Think i'll probably pick it up tomorrow, was just wondering. Cheers guys.

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Yeah i've came to point where i've cancelled my subscription to GB because the content has just became stagnant and the argument of 'They just moved' is becoming old, it's been long enough to have some of the subscriber content back up and running... Everything publish on the site has decreased in quality since the move and it's a great shame as they were my favourite site by far. But hey after reading through all these comments of a sick community 'maybe' Jeff or Ryan will relies they are slowly going to lose this great community they created if they don't sort this site out.

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Levine would be great even though there not showing Bioshock.. He probs wont go himself? And i'd like to hear Casey Hudson explain what happened to ME3...

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I got 2 lmao, was on normal though

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Think when Gears of War (no. 1) came out, I played that multiplayer for like 11 hours straight. Thought it was amazing at the time.

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Just rock the new look, like a Lord!

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Feel as though mine is very boring compared to you guys haha.
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Anyone got a track list from the recent Trackmania TNT? Thanks guys