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Yeah existing members just carry it straight over with your account so should all work fine.. i'm hoping!! Obviously the network isn't going to work on release just know it... ha

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Yeah i go on like the same 5/6 sites everyday and then probably one odd one each day.. check where somewhere is.. or a tutorial on this 3d modelling or code.. part from that not very much.. 000000000000000.0000001%

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I didn't really enjoy 3 very much and I played 4 on the ps4 and I wasn't impressed.. Was very similar to 3... So if like me you didn't enjoy 3 I'm guessing 4 is going to be pretty similar.

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I think keeping it in the past is the right thing. We all loved him and he was a big part of the site and we'll never forget it but why bring him up now..? Let him be!

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To be fair Saints Row IV was more of a con then this is.. I bought and enjoyed SR IV and I'm going to buy this but they could have easily been developed this as DLC... Just what happens at end of console cycle I suppose..

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Yeah you are not alone me and my mate both choose option A thinking that C would result in Franklin dying... Oh well!

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Where is the watch Day9 play Amnesia 2 option?

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Hey, if you wanna learn a new language moving to the native country is the easiest way as cliche as it sounds i moved to France last year for 5 months and i learnt the language within that time... When you're just around people speaking that language you have no option though learning it here i was never able to... Makes a big difference just being a part of the culture for a while. (I'm from England so granted it is easier for me to travel to say France since it's only a couple of hours away on plane.) Good luck with your Spanish!

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I hate his Brad charm

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Yeah it's pretty poor.. but it's not everything...