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Nice list Dan, I feel exactly the same about Shadow of Mordor, really not bothered about the LOTR franchise.. and it earned top of my GOTY also. Happy New Year.

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Christmas week!

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Has to be Mordor or Far Cry for me... It has been a poor year though for quality games..

The most disappointing list grew to be very big this year...

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Yeah I've had mine since release and just the other day someone pointed this out to me when asking me why i bought mine on release.. i didn't have a good answer... lol

I guess the good exclusive games are coming though... just got to wait it out.

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@corevi: I have a Nvidia 660 which i'm going to use, not great but will do the job? I'm just interested in my computer being capable of playing the odd game, i mainly play Starcraft 2 and play most games on the ps4 as friends are on there. Think this computer is decent for price? After i put my video card in? Thank you! Sorry for 100 questions!

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@hunkulese: Cool cool, thanks. At what point is ram negligible? I'm looking at getting 16gb ddr3 ?

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@mb: Why would you switch the 4790k for the 4690k?

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@corevi: Thanks dude, appreciate it.

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Hey guys just watched the AC: Unity QL and that game looked fantastic on their pc set-up. Just to save me hunting down the specs on that GB East computer, does anyone have a quick run down at what they're running? I know they built it on cam but i don't have time right now to sit and watch them build the computer from scratch to see each component at a time. Thanks!