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Yeah i loved Infinite but I did enjoy the original Bioshock more i feel overall. Still both amazing games though.

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Mines pretty boring... Just where i spend my life...

I have the same speakers! Been using them since 2007.

Haha yeah same :p they're great for the price!

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Enters with *World of Warcraft joke.*

And i'm off! Thank you

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Mines pretty boring... Just where i spend my life...

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I'm curious to see what the difference in quality will be when the game's running on current generation hardware.

Yeah, see how hard hit; performance wise the current gen is when this is released. Looks awesome still, but defiantly going to be a PC or Ps4 buy though.

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Never expected it to be more than what we got...

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Speakers for game and music, headphones for porn them the rules right?

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I'm doing a degree in games design and production and I have had no need for a laptop.. Desktop pc is great to program on and you'll get a much greater spec for half the price. Go desktop. Also I have windows 8 and it's not garbage :s it's perfectly fine I haven't had a problem with it.

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Thanks guys, bought new card.

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Hey guys just quick question, this looks like a video card problem right? Maybe overheating? Just I'll go buy a new one today if you's agree. I've tried different monitors and cables, still problem. Cards about 4 years old... So looks dead to me. (That bottom image is StarCraft...)

Thanks guys.