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Yeah you are not alone me and my mate both choose option A thinking that C would result in Franklin dying... Oh well!

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Where is the watch Day9 play Amnesia 2 option?

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Hey, if you wanna learn a new language moving to the native country is the easiest way as cliche as it sounds i moved to France last year for 5 months and i learnt the language within that time... When you're just around people speaking that language you have no option though learning it here i was never able to... Makes a big difference just being a part of the culture for a while. (I'm from England so granted it is easier for me to travel to say France since it's only a couple of hours away on plane.) Good luck with your Spanish!

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I hate his Brad charm

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Yeah it's pretty poor.. but it's not everything...

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Damn wish I'd thought about investing in the Lester missions at the end rather than doing them all early.. :/ oops..

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Rockstar coming in and showing everyone how it's done! Deserves every single penny this game makes, great fun and the level of detail is amazing so congrats to all the guys who put this baby together!

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Always just feels right to pick the Playstation when i buy GTA.. So once again going Ps3!

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Think you'll be fine, they have spent enough time making sure a day one patch isn't essential to play the game. Believe it should play fine.

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Everyone has Polygon's number! We all know what your up to over there!