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Get Bopped FGC, sell your XBones.

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My problem is with the wording of this all. Who decides what is "Drinking excessively" and who decides what is "Sexually suggestive" clothing. To some people playing 3-6 rounds of Beerio Kart is the start of their night while for some it's getting to the "fuck that is too much" level. For some people a deep v-neck is sexually suggestive and for others it isnt. Best case scenario it gets rid of some girls showing off their chests to get views or people playing aggressive drinking games with their buddies on camera. Worst case scenario it gives a tool to trolls to clog up their mods by responding to false claims about sexual content or 'self destructive behavior'.

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Isnt the whole point of the game that Pearce is a shithead? He's an ex hacker turned vigilante (wannabe) good guy; who in trying to prevent bad things from happening only causes more bad things to happen. His obsession with his murdered daughter drives whats left of his family to shambles, causing him to give up more and more of what would be considered a normal life just trying to figure out who was behind the murder.

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@white said:

I call bullshit on this guy.

I'm sorry. I kinda did a trybeforeyoubuy thing. I already bought it on PS3 and I'm planning on buying it for Steam, soon.

Why do you need to "trybeforeyoubuy" when you already bought it on PS3? You already know what the game looks like. You already know what it plays like.

actually, not quite true in fighting games. The netcode can be quite fucked in one version, but be perfectly fine in the other. Not justifying the actions, because thats what demos are for(although most demos wont let you try online mutiplayer anyway).

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Thanks for putting this up. It's hard to listen to though, there seems to be a bunch of shitty hip hop music in the background.

I was about to click Play until I read this. :(

Only for the first bit before jeff picks anyone up.

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Greensburg Pa, USa

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Great little read Patrick, thanks! It's disappointing that these questions even have to still be asked, but nonetheless wonderful to see these ratings boards taking a strong stand in terms of not differentiating between certain relationships.

As others have mentioned, reading this instantly drew my thoughts away to the MPAA, which doesn't specifically explain their ratings in any clear way, and has more or less been shown to generally give harsher ratings to films featuring intimacy from any kind of non straight relationship, as well as even just hetero women experiencing sexual pleasure.

Though it has a ton of flaws, and tries (and fails) to become a weird kind of Michael Moore detective story, I recommend This Film is Not Yet Rated if anyone's curious about those lovely repressive fools.

The MPAA is lightyears behind (atleast the) ESRB.

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Getting Dark Souls and SF4 AE if you have XBL is pretty awesome

New version of SF4 comes out in June as a downloadable upgrade. I wonder if you would be able to upgrade that free xbl version to Ultra. Or if it would be worth the risk, considering(i assume) its like the psn where you only have the games for the time you are subscribed.

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Seems like this all started so ZeniMax could settle out of court and get some of that sweet sweet facebook money.

That would be the rational observers opinion on the whole thing, yes.

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Shoutouts to notch for participating in the doom-and-gloom philosophy of people by being the first dev to pull out of occulus support because of FB. Its just a self-fulfilling prophecy.