FAQ DEMANDED: What's the Deal with Packrat Palooka?

Boss about midway through Stanger's Wrath. He fires these rockets while you shoot out the circuits of his protective bubble. In between rounds two henchmen come out.

I'm just getting stomped by this fight I don't understand why. It feels like there's a puzzle I'm missing.


Got to knock him off the stage with boombats, it seems.

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College League Mutant Sportball Manager 2014

I worked only on College Mutant League Sportball Manager 2014.

More pygame work.

Not much happened. I made a calander that scales to the size of a window. I made a more clear stucture for handling the parts of a game as classes into themselves. I still don't have a great way to update screen objects owned by a child of the main/run object with other children of the main/run class.

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FAQ DEMANDED: Where's the King of Bedoe in Shining Force II?

Seriously, where is this guy? There are only, like, 2 buildings in the town, and a third metalsmith lives in a cave.

Let's see where this guy is...

Top left of the town? And he's only a Mayor?

Top left is a stone wall. Top is a blind child & a man afraid of the blind child. Both in one of the two houses. To the left is a shop, to the bottom-right is a cathedral.

Okay, take the blind boy with me.

Got it. Talked to both the blind boy and the Mayor. Had to do this more than 3 three times each, with the same response from them each time, then something clicked over and let the next dialogue happen.

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Dungeon Keeper & Dragonshard

I beat Dragonshard at long last. I'm at a loss for how to talk about it. When I do, I say bullet-points about Dragonshard's gameplay systems, but can't think of other words to say. Well, then.

Finishing Dragonshard did mean that I got to pick a new strategy game. Dungeon Keeper & Shining Force II are what I started. I really like the only Genesis Shining Force games. They just hit a button of nostalgia. Dungeon Keeper I think I'm going to have to start again. I didn't understand the idea of creature transference, and I set myself up for failure. Also, that game is real, fucking hard. Didn't realize that.

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Rabbit Hole

I reached the end of a weeks long rabbit hole. I don't even remember what I had started looking for.

I did end up getting all these blue circles to highlight each element in the list of basic positions along a unit circle. What had seemed so much the trouble was taking, and tracking positions in radians, then converting over the (x, y) coordinates needed to draw the blue circles.

It wasn't circles to begin with, it was a triangle that connected the arc rotating about the circumference with the centre of the white disk. Even that had started as something else.

It was something to do with tilting the rectangular ship. I think I wanted to use the circle-related positions to adjust some tilt variable in the ship class. Something like that something.

It took so much time to get here, and these silly blue circles to flag my victory.

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Lost Entry

I lost a bunch of words I had tossed down here. My fault, but I'm not writing them again.

Things happened. Shapes were made, they talk a bit with each other, radians are rad.

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Week of Very Little Progress

Little progress this week.

I need to make a debug space for to build the ship more. That means digging out the keyboard code and turning into it's own class independent of the main ship's class. It mean either cleaning the old ship code into the new ship code, or re-build from a better foundation. Then a simple background to track level blocking / camera blocking.

That space can incubate the ship movement & design: that's a static gravity (before y or z depth changes), simple 'spin' animation, and a better organization of a central runtime. Runtime is more important in this group in long-term context, and I'm still extremely unclear how pygame handles it's buffering. At this point, I know that I have a couple different timers in different spots.

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The SHMUP Moves Forward

Worked on the pygame game today. It's coming into the shape of something. It doesn't have a name, and it only has the one level.

I have the hot keyboard up and running. It was under the impression that pygame did not use a hot keyboard, but I am incorrect. Turns out I had misunderstood the documentation.

Added a layer of background clouds to sit between to far-background layer and the layers of dust above. Added the capital ship in the background. Made designs for ships and stuff. Needs a lot more: no menus, no or gui. Gui is designed but nothing is done. It's time to start working with the artist to start. The capital ship maybe.

That sick, red orb off the the ship's left for me to have some debug-feedback.

Clouds are down there at the bottom.

Capital Ship is the bled-out polygon-group in the top-right.

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