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Hey everyone, I have a kind of shitty work schedule so I don't have much time to play during the week (weekends are generally free) and I was wondering if anyone else is playing at the same time. I get up around Noon and have game time until around 3 (have to eat before work) and get home around 2 AM and go to sleep around 5. All times are MST (mountain standard time). Shoot me a message on either Xbox if you wanna go collect some bounties or get some strikes done. My gamertag is the same as my GiantBomb ID, Phoenix654. I'm not much for Crucible-ing at the moment though.

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I have to imagine this is why both your cut-offs are so low.

That, and many, many, many other reasons. I think chief among them is that we're both dissatisfied with a game series where the motto is "Gotta Catch 'Em All" and doing so would require us to go back several generations, purchase multiple games, dump hundreds of hours into each and attend a lot of Nintendo events. Shockingly, there aren't a lot of those in Boise, ID. I just wish Nintendo would make in an MMO (They never will, they does not understand the internets) and just keep adding on new worlds or realms or shards or whatever the hell you call MMO worlds. I'd higgety hang in Kanto & Jhoto and let everyone else explore the rest of the worlds.

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Hah, once again someone trying to tell me there are more than 3 Pokemon games and more than 151 Pokemon. You won't fool me with this elaborate ruse.

Whatevs, man. Houndoom rocks. Keep looking for those Poke-chemtrails, bro.

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Nice blog! Different people can be friends along as they are similarly enough to understand and appreciate each other. I am spiritual, and I have friends that are atheists and we talk, agree and disagree on things. The important is that we accept each other.

That's nice to hear. Glad I'm not an isolated incident on this bumpy road we call life.

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I think one of the reasons everyone thinks of Monopoly as a long, slow game is that no one plays it by anything but house rules. No one knows about auctions, Free Parking becomes a jackpot square (the more money you inject into a game, the longer people can go without making difficult decisions) and everyone miserly holds onto their properties rather than trade them and allow someone else to get a Monopoly. Played properly, a game takes about an hour and a half, maybe two hours.

The few times I can convince people to play it, we have an enjoyable time, but there are so many other games that are, in my opinion, so much less of a hassle to get through.

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Anyone feeling a bit ripped off, or am I reading into this a bit too much? As a note, I don't have an Xbox One and haven't played Titanfall myself.

Sorry what? Ugh, let's not pretend this isn't just a flame topic.

As an aside, I neither own an X1 or plan to, being a hapless Sony fanboy (I don't own a PS4 yet either). Regardless, I doubt I would feel 'ripped off' within the first 5 months of a cycle that will take up the better part of a decade. Unless they repeat RROD.

I didn't write it to be a flame topic, I was just curious. It seems no one really is, so no worries, my concern was unfounded and now I'll know better.

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You... bought a 500$ console that is not a Playstation 4, for Titanfall?

Good going, man. Microsoft loves you.

You... apparently cannot read my original post. Last line is literally, "As a note, I don't have an Xbox One and haven't played Titanfall myself." I was merely curious about the feelings towards all this, not trying to start a flame war (which I know is impossible because people feel the need to start console wars about fucking everything on the interwebs). I don't have either of the two current gen systems because no game has enticed me enough to get one of them yet, though I'm sure I'll eventually get both. I'll honestly probably get a Wii U before the XBone or PS4 for Smash Bros and Mario Kart because those games are usually a blast to play with my friends.

As for everyone else, thanks for the input, it seems this isn't that big a deal, I was just curious. I agree we won't see anything that justifies the new hardware for a year or so, much as the marketing has tried to pump up the games coming out now and I'm sure it'll only get worse come E3.

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I'm just curious, having seen the screens and video of the Xbox 360 version and Xbox One, I can see very little difference between the two versions of Titanfall. There are a few texture issues and a little bit of smoothness, but it doesn't seem like a generational leap. I know a lot of people who get the next generation of consoles get it so they can play the newest, latest, best and take part in the conversation, but I also know a bunch of people got the XBone so they could specifically play Titanfall. I'm just wondering how people who got the system exclusively for Titanfall feel about it now that the 360 version is out and, apparently, feature matched to the next-ge... current-gen game.

Anyone feeling a bit ripped off, or am I reading into this a bit too much? As a note, I don't have an Xbox One and haven't played Titanfall myself.

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@haruko: I'm not a professionally competitive Smash player, but a buddy of mine and I play a modded version of Brawl (Project M, it's free and doesn't damage your Wii at all) with each other and play it in a fairly competitive way. I also do not understand why someone would begrudge others who don't play it a certain way. We simply don't play with items simply because it seems to make it a bit too random for us, a bit too Mario Kart-y, if you will, but I completely understand the fun of it. One of the games within Smash we play every now and again is Pokemon battle, where we play with nothing but Pokeballs on high and are not allowed to throw punches. Whatever you enjoy, enjoy it and don't rag on people for playing a game "the wrong way" if they enjoy it is what I try to live by.

Btw, I really wish Mario Kart had an option to disable (certain) items and make it a bit more competitive. Also, shouldn't every game be like Smash Bros in the end? Enough Mario Kart, Mario Golf, Mario Party, let's have Nintendo Kart where Link and Samus and Pikachu and Kirby drive around on karts and such. I can dream...

#8 Edited by Phoenix654 (262 posts) -, soon to be the rating-est place on the internet. I mean, they already have the star system for user reviews, now they're adding Metacritic scores. What's next, the Rotten Tomatoes "certified fresh" stamp for movies?


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Never raised to religion, am an atheist, 28, male, lives in Idaho, does office work for a living.

I have friends who are deeply religious (Catholics, specifically) and other friends who, while not atheists, at least seem to not remotely give a shit about faith or attending a church. We discuss faith & spirituality as outsiders on occasion and I have interesting discussions with my Catholic friends now and again, but it usually doesn't come up.

Hope that helps.

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You're the best Patrick. Excellent article.

Agreed. Well done, sir... as usual.

I personally feel no outrage or disgust towards this (possibly because I've never played with an Oculus myself), but I can understand why people do feel that way. I wonder who the internet would have been okay with Oculus being bought by? Would anyone be able to avoid this firestorm? Microsoft or Sony certainly wouldn't (I know, Sony is working on their own thing anyway, just throwing it out there) because the fanboys of either camp would set the world on fire. Nintendo would be raked over hot coals as not being a particularly good hardware company. Activision? Disney? Apple?

No company who had the bread to make this deal would have gotten through it without the court of public opinion utterly destroying them. Maybe Steam, but that's about all I can come up with.