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@kedi2: word..I picked this up not knowing anything and it blew me away with its fighting and leveling system.

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"Burn: Cycle" never played a FMV game before this. Won't play one ever again. Well, maybe for a good laugh.

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Posted on No Man's Sky Facebook Today:"I hope we've gotten that across!" says Murray. "The idea, with the gameplay that we showed, is that the planets are dangerous. It hurts me that some people think we're making this ambient indie game that you walk around and look at trees and scan them, like some universal Pokemon Snap. What we're making has core action. I hope we got that across. When you're on a planet, there are creatures that are dangerous."

I don't know why people are taking such offense to this forum post. But we really don't know much either way. I doesn't look anything like minecraft to me. Resource gathering and upgrading is nothing new in games. Long before minecraft.

I've started to learn about fractals and it's a amazing idea that makes a lot of sense for 3D procedural worlds.

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They said there will be upgrades to equipment that's good reason to explore. If that system is robust enough, then I can see it being fun and zen. Like a really rare mineral you have to search hard for. I think already it has got more going for it thanow Proteus.

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I wrote this from a religous perspective but only to illustrate basic concepts of fear of death and right and wrong as a societal archetype. ...It may or may not calm some thoughts. If satan was cast out of heaven. Then good and evil existed before life. Our souls are a testament to this; for if the kingdom of heaven is inside of you, so must be the kingdom of hell. In this life we are free to choose either good or evil, heaven or hell, pain or pleasure.

So what of this irrational fear of hell after death? The pain of being born did not stop the process. Just as the pain of death will also come. Those that seek only the pleasure of this world and deny the pain of death will soon forget about the miracle of birth. For if they had remembered the pain of being born they would also remember the pleasure of their mothers embrace soon after. If the earth is our mother, does she not embrace us upon death? Would not the pain of death also become a pleasure. We were not afraid of entering our womb. Why should we be afraid of entering our tomb?

If we fear the pains of hell, do we not also fear the pleasures of heaven? We would accept good for evil, and evil for good because out of fear we choose to be blind to both good and evil. If we know ourselves, the good and the evil. We will know that we are complete. We will choose good for ourselves; and not deny the evil of others. We will understand the pains of evil that others call the pleasures of heaven, Those that our blind to the dawn of birth and to the dusk of death will only find hell in those who claim to have created a heaven for you.

We will not fear hell because we've created a heaven in ourselves.

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I've been dual wielding from the start. I found the thrust/thrust ect. weapon matching isnt always true. The moveset for the Bastard Sword (thrust/slash) and the Murakumo (slash) are the same. Greatswords. but the Murakumo and the Curved Dragon Sword didnt work even though they are slash/slash. I also find it funny that people dis the Murakumo and praise the bastard sword, they are the same. ones good for even build and ones good for dex. Is there a list that defines movesets somewhere because that determines two handed power move abillity.

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Never beat or delved to far into DS. but from a clean slate, Could DS2 stand alone lore-wise? Or does it fall flat without the intrigue of the original? If I accept the no connection theory? So far Im a man who lost his family to the curse and I was guided by a firekeeper to a limbo of sorts that will destroy my humanity evenutually unless I figure out something...get souls ,yada yada. Lost of people here in limbo but dont remember shit. Does most lore only come from item descriptions?

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I thing Ill roll a magic dude after I beat the game. but it foesnt seem like you get access to much till after 3 boss fights. Is this the case?

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does using phantoms or shades, net you less souls?

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I feel like Darks Souls 2 should have a missed connections board somewhere. I remember playing and a phantom was helping me with a tough boss and they died right before the end. I stuck it out with some true grit and defeated. There was no way of comunicating my thanks and to pet them know I did it! Just been reading some stories just like this on other boards.