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You can copy paste this template if you are lazy:   I'm lazy :-)
Question 1: 
St. Paul, Minnesota 
   Question 2:
a.)  Pop
b.)  A couch, but most of the older folks around here call it a sofa or davenport
c.)   Sneakers
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16 years 1993.
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  Heathens all of you!  That you let it get this far and this ridiculous without posting the two, best damn, videos of the 80's 
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Im going to go out on a limb here and ask you if your Aunt and Uncle watch Fox News and fear Muslims and Islam? 
Honest question as I am in the same boat as you.  :D
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Lamb of God, In Flames, Unearth,Rage Against the Machine, Dream Theater, American Headcharge (But now Martin is fucking that up)    Sublime & Alice in Chains (Back in the day, when Bradley and Lane were still alive)    Used to be Metallica also until I bought St. Anger on day one, listened to it for 15 min or so and literally tossed it out the window of my car.  The liner notes didnt say anything about Lars Ulrich on Trashcans. 
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You had to know that you were going to get flamed for this one. 
I admit that I listened to some Dinosaur Jr. in the 80's and they were good but your statement is..........over reaching, to say the least. 
Also in the MTV era, when they still played videos, GnR and the Hair Bands, along with Rap had a stranglehold  on airplay so they were naturally the more popular acts.
I will admit that Dinosaur Jr. greatly influenced bands like The Pixies, Sublime, Nirvana, Pearl Jam etc. and to a lesser extent, alot of the later punk/ska bands.    
That said, thanks for the chance to put this pic up:      :-D 

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Sadly the killer for me is the dredded rubberband AI.  And I used to love the NFS games as a kid.
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Sweet, my cat has a new favorite video.  Before this it was just a compilation of Lolcatz pics.
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You bought the wrong phone if you want good, nice looking games.  Actually, you just bought the wrong phone, period.  If games are what you really want, you need an Android or one of those damned iPhones.
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Damn, I'm a bit torn on this question.  And a good question it is. 
I voted, Yes it part of their job.  Because that is what we, well, Wisconsinites, elected/hired them to do.  And they should fullfil their obligations to their constituents.   
That said I can understand, IN THIS SITUATION, why the Democratic Senators left Madison for parts unknown. 
It turned out when the Conserative uprising that happened in 2010 that Wisconsin residents didnt think ahead.  For reasons only a Dairyland-livin', Beer-swillin', Driving-Your-Snowmobile-To-The-Bar-Because-You-Lost-Your-Licencense-For-3-DUI's, Green Bay Packer-loving, Cheesehead, Wisconsinite can understand, they forgot that Conseratives are the Union busters.  Consequently, when this particular bill passed through to the Senate people flipped their lids when they realized that any and all Union bargining power would be lost when it passed.   
The key here is the people of Wisconsin mobilized and asked the Democrats to do something to stop it from passing and so they did what their employers asked/demanded of them. 
For as temporally short sighted as they were earlier, something like 10,000 people marched on Madison yesterday, State Street was full of students this morning from the University today for a march to the Capitol building, 300 people have been living in the Routunda of the Capitol for like 3 days now or something.   All of them on a list to speak before the Senate.  In Wisconsin all citizens have the right to speak and be heard regarding bills on the floor.  I believe this is unique and only a few other states allow this.  At this point it is a Citizen filibuster  
Here's my cunundrum, The American people hire, it it a paid job afterall, all these people to go to the State or National level and represent our voices in law and policy decisions.  These people are compelled by their Employers to take action.  
On the other hand, when a bill which is as divisive and unpopular as this one, in a state that is HEAVILY Unionized and has lived and died by their belief in the Unions, makes it to the point of being passed with no regard to the will of the People and the impact it would have in Wisconsin.  I can understand why the Democrats took off.  In this case it was a matter of the Democrats listening to their employers and saving the voters from themselves. 
Politics is never, ever, black & white.  And nationally you'd be right melcene, heads would be demanded.  But that happens anyway, every 2 years