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Wowwowwow, unbelievable stuff

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Oh man Spain is really falling through the floor.

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Wow, that shot!

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Oh how I hate this kind of football where these strong and athletic men as soon as they set foot in the penalty area mysteriously become really weak and fall over. And how far they have gone to make an art out of the pretending.. In this case, you can clearly see in the slow mo, that he conveniently places his foot on the sliding defender and falls. Impossible for referees to see in real time. I think things like these should be reviewed after the matches so we can get rid of the fall guys.

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@talibanchic: I've been watching and checo was in front and is allowed to chose his line and massa had lots of room on the inside to still make a try for a pass.. problem is his car twitches when he brakes and he goes straight in to checo. For me it's a very clear race incident.

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This race perfectly illustrated why I like Vettel. I know it's cool to hate on the guy but not only is he clearly an A-tier driver, after the race you could tell he was genuinely happy for his teammate. And keep in mind this is a guy who is a 3 time reigning world champion that has been out-qualified and out-scored by his new teammate pretty consistently this year. He has every reason to harbor ressentiment towards him, and after all the drama that is the Mercedes team rivalry I think Vettel's response stands in pretty stark contrast.

Yeah I was really rooting for him this time. He's actually a really likeable guy, people just started turning on him because he won all the time. And he's even a 4 time reigning world champion not 3 (crazy i know). :P

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@talibanchic: Hm that is weird to give Perez the blame for that. Sure he was taking a tighter line but there definitely was room on the inside, no idea why massa suddenly turn out towards perez.

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Done! Glad to help out. :)

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Örebro, Sweden

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Maybe a WWII game from a german point of view. Where you start as a normal german who through the propaganda machinery get turned in to a hardened nazi soldier. Of course towards the end of the war you start to realize what you've been involved in, because that how stories like that work.