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1. Yeah no storylines except the rarely real same old pre-fight "I'm gonna kill him" stuff that doesn't even mean anything anymore. As much as a lot of the O.G. MMA guys hate the new "TUF-ers" maybe watch some of the earlier seasons of The Ultimate Fighter. There's some good stuff on there and it will satisfy your want of a narrative and give you a foot in the door on finding some fighters you like. Most of the later seasons have been pretty bland, I stopped watching until the last one where they introduced women, they really showed up the men in every way and made the show fresh again.

I found my way into watching a lot of MMA by starting at the beginning. Watch UFC 1 and just bathe in the brutality for a while, follow it along as it evolves. By the time it gets to the late teens it's very close to how it is now so you don't have to watch too many. Some fights run extremely long though and can be boring.

2. This is incredibly subjective, and there's a huge list. Do you find the grappling more interesting, the striking? Someone who just comes to throw down, or the real calculated pro? Do you know enough about the MMA game to recognize and appreciate the subtle skills that someone with real talent brings to the fight or maybe you're all about the intensity and grit someone can bring to the ring.

3. To be honest it's pretty much just the UFC, though I really liked Pride. Once you've gotten into it maybe spend some time watching the old Pride FC shows, the rule differences make the two very different and interesting to think about how they play into the fighters game plans and how they would fare in the other organisation.

4. UFC just launched their sub thingy, no idea if it's worth it.

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Jeeze, sometimes the most random things make me take a step back and wonder about other people and then myself.

It's 5 dollars man, if you're curious - give it a shot. I buy games I know I won't like for 5 dollars just to see if there's anything interesting in them - any redeeming features or a cool idea others might have missed. I'd buy pretty much any game for 5 dollars. I know some people are strapped for cash, and want to stretch their money, but damn, 5 dollars? Gaming is a luxury, if 5 dollars is really that big of a deal you probably should be spending it on something else.

Not being judgmental or anything, just as I said sometimes the most random things give you pause and reflect on your values, and how they relate to others.

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1 Fight Club
2 Sin City
3 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
4 First Blood
5 Way of the Gun
6 Heat
7 Die Hard
8 Scarface
9 Training Day
10 Snatch

Never wrote out a list before, so many more that could easily be switched in but I think this would be my top 10.

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Squats first, every workout. Gotta get me dem legs!

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Whenever the question of doing something dumb or not comes up, as a rule my answer is always "Hell yeah, do it!"

This situation hasn't changed that reply, and maybe it says more about me than I want to share but this idea doesn't even seem dumb. I nearly had every TMNT action figure released while the original series was running, I was a huge fan. My mum made me sell them because I wasn't playing with them anymore when I got older, she's an organisation freak and didn't like the space the trunk took up. She took advantage of my teenage years and want of money, I will never forgive her.

On a tangent, I was seriously considering buying every Skeleton Warrior action figure from an ebay auction I saw a couple months ago. That's a dumb idea...

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Buy them and then play with them complete with making noises of kicks and punches.

Fuck adulthood.

This man knows what's up.

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@l4wd0g: Maybe you or some people you know have some serious talent but the last thing I expect is clear, crisp and un-garbled chatting from someone sucking dick.

While it could be seen as derogatory, the analogy is actually pretty 'sound' lol.

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As everyone has said Forza will be the highest rated for sure, they've hit it out of the park every time and I doubt this will be the exception.

I voted Ryse though, as I'm thinking this will be a dark horse and surprise a lot of people. All the negativity around it may actually work to its favour (review wise, sales will probably still suffer) as I think once the actual game is in the hands of some people they'll see a lot of the negativity was due to bad showings and pre-conceived notions. It looks real pretty and if what I've been thinking is true could be one of the best launch titles.

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"Mad Catz is intending to fill the racing wheel niche on the Xbox One"

lol there would not be a niche to fill if Xbone supported 360 racing wheels like it should!

Has any console supported older accessories like that?

Controller ports are no longer a factor since last gen.

The PS4 will not be supporting previous generation controllers either, and the PS3 did not support the PS2 controllers. This is nothing new.

Xbox One is blocking controllers. (much like it was going to block used games) PS4 is blocking controllers too. (in addition to paid online) For this reason nobody should want a PS4 or an Xbox One.

How much do you suppose it would have increased manufacturing costs to make 360/PS3 controllers compatible?

I honestly don't mean this in a derogatory or demeaning way, but grow up.

When will gaming grow up? Why shouldn't they update their business practices to reflect the technology in their stupid box? Especially considering that even the general concept of console generations is increasingly becoming a relic; it's increasing becoming something that just is; something gamers have irrationally accepted, a snarky "everybody knows that" at a school playground.

There's no reason to rotate controllers anymore: Today controllers use USB and wireless and what's more, controller design finally leveled out--Xbox One controller is practically a carbon copy of Xbox 360 controller with no new functionality added. That right there is practically robbery but we overlook it only because it's "nothing new". (Except that with the coming consoles, it IS new.)

Other users are saying "It isn't anything new" "PS4 is also doing it" but if anything aren't those excuses kind of immature? It's brainwashed behavior.

Haven't you heard, there are a whopping 40 new improvements in the new Xbox One controller.

OK minuscule differences aside, there are actually a couple of decent differences.

Also, I liked the 360 wheel.

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I have some respect for myself. So I would leave.

This, if it ever happened I wouldn't even say a word. Collect my shit and I'd be gone, they'd never hear from me again.

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I have to chime in here and say I thought it was pretty average at best. I S-Ranked it at it took a play through and then some to wrap my head around what was going on and even then when I had everything down I found it to be a whole lot of crazy and not all that much behind it. I ended up completing the subsequent playthroughs using 3 or 4 combos nearly exclusively as they were by far the best in nearly any occasion.

Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden 2 are 3 times the game Bayonetta is in my opinion.