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articles about sexism get way more clicks.

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posting this from my phone because the only isp in this area sucks balls. Thats why this is a bad idea. I dont care if they block used games, but always online drm is an instant never buy for me.

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oma dc noobtubes. I did that.

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arms and legs. Everyone in these games has arms and legs. They all must be the same person.

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kojima wanted fox but there was overwhelming demand for gonna go ahead and say thats complete bullshit. No one fucking likes raiden except kojimas crazy ass and everyone loves gray fox.

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my opinion is that i dont care how big and pretty your open world is if shit doesnt work and everything is glitchy as hell and my quests dont work and every corner is a geometry trap. Looking at you, skyrim.

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the argument that video games may help someone become a more efficient killer.... When i was a boy scout in the late 80s, i learned to shoot a rifle accurately at a distant target. We all did, it was a group activity. Then we made candles out of coffee cans and decorated them. No one is talking about the issue of teaching children how to hit a silhoutte target in the head, but call of duty is somehow a problem. Im just saying.

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video game industry needs to hire lobbyists like the gun manufacturers. Because seriously, how fucking retarded do you have to be to think that video games might have more to do with this problem than being able to buy all the ammo you can carry from any walmart

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play the originals in sd. Youll get used to the old school graphics and then when you play the new one you will crap your pants

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for what its worth, i had it all figured out at 25. Then shit happened and now i have no idea what im doing at 32.