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Thanks guys, yeah that's what I thought, but the guy at the store was warning me that it only lasted a year and that EA games has delayed the releases of the packs because "the game was shitty". I thought it was pretty big BS but was just curious.

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I seem to be finding confusing information,

is battlefield 4 premium an annual subscription? or a one time buy?

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Anyone successfully played a game on the Shanghai Map with out the server crashing out?

I honestly haven't seen the Shanghai map in rotation since the beta. I'm assuming that server admins know what's up and purposely removed it.

Hmm interesting, I have played on this map many times, if fact there are 24/7 shanghai servers, but it's one of the only ones I have never seen the map event happen, the building is either always crashed or always up. Maybe they load it with the event disabled. The map is really fun when the building is up.

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You guys should come to Canada, where your main choice are Bell or Rogers and they are not competitive at all. :(

6megabyte down and 500kilobyte up and 230 gigs sits around $100/month.. they do offer lots of promotions though. Right now have that plan at 55% off for 2 years.

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Probably going to have series with strong ties to the new movies.

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How the hell does he know where you work? you he post that shit publicly all over your FB or something?

Here's my (Rather long) sob story about how I got and lost my first job:

At the tail end of High School, for my mandatory work experience credit I was sent to work at a somewhat shady Drafting and Design company. The career counselor suggested I go they're for my work experience after noticing my 100% course completion in all years of my high school drafting/design courses and my Art class grades being just as high. Three days into my work experience program the owner of the company pulled me outside and told me the man he hired to come down and fill a position went missing recently and he needed a new employee immediately. I was hired to oversee the designing, planning and safety inspection of a hospital being built near my school. I excelled at my job, I had all the work that was handed to me done almost as it hit my desk. Though this came at a price, having to work at night right after going to school took it out of me and my school grades dropped tremendously. I struggled through it all and managed to graduate, since my job was still secure and paying well after graduation going to college never entered my mind.

A few months after that the owner of the company pulled me aside like the time he hired me told me I was fired and to be out of the office within the next 15 minutes or he would have the cops throw me out. I grabbed my stuff, waved goodbye to the secretary and told his daughter (Who also worked they're on the night shift) that I just got fired and needed to be out before the cops came. She helped me grab my stuff and I was standing on the street corner 15 minutes later, jobless, alone, and a long way from home.

But it doesn't end there... to this day, nearly 10 years later that bastard will still call up whoever I work for and try to get me fired, or shoot down any job opportunity I investigate. He has a personal vendetta against me FOR NOTHING. Years afterwards I found out his reason though: Right before he fired me he purchased two laptops, for the business of course, that were stored in the server room. They went missing the day after he told me. He fired me because he believed I had stolen them, since I was the only person he told about they're existence. After I learned this information I went and checked on my former co-workers. All of them had been fired, one at a time days apart from each other, as he went nuts and destroyed his own business and started another design firm in the neighboring city. Then we uncovered the truth: He fired all his employee's and faked a break-in / robbery to get the money he needed to start a new business.

I still hold a size able grudge against him for what he did to me and the rest of his employee's.

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1. Fragile - Nine Inch Nails
2. October Rust - Type-o Negative (@shagge RIP peter)

Honestly, this is all.

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Got this for xmas, wasn't sure what to think as BF3 I got from the origin humble bundle "directX" crashed like it was its job. I updated to the latest Nvidia drivers and played for about 3-5 hours with the 64bit launch set and haven't had a single issue, thank god because it's hella fun.

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How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes

by Peter D. Schiff

This book is a pretty easy read, it's only one sentence long. "North American Auto Manufacturers Unions."

On a serious note, I tend to enjoy the long personal journey an SK novel can provide, I just finished 'IT' for the first time and it was quite good, but something like 'Pet Sematary' or 'Carrie' might be a good start to test the waters.

(When I say long personal journey, I mean the relationship you build with the characters, trust me, you come out of a good SK book knowing the characters sometimes better then you ever thought imaginable with a fictional character.)

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I used to have pretty severe anxiety that would lead to depression. It really started in elementary school, I developed a kind of goofy personality after puberty and it was not taken very well by my good fiends at the time, I quickly became the scape goat for jokes and teasing alike. Years later and a couple solid woman in my life (including my wife) I have really turned it around, I still deal with it from time to time (it comes and goes), but I find its very directed to what the closest people in my life think of me, not in strange/new social situations anymore.

One of the biggest things I have learned about social anxiety is that often times It tends to be an unconscious projection of how you think of your self and how others will perceive you. for example, if you're nerdy and in a new social situation, you may feel that others will judge you for being nerdy, even though they have no idea about what you do in your personal life etc. There's a lot of people in the world and sometimes it's never a bad idea to limit how much you expose various parts of yourself etc, I find this especially useful in career and professional situations.

at the end of the day, I don't think it's something that can be cured 110%, you just have to look in and try to understand why you feel the way you do and reflect on how you can deal with it or help your self with it.