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Its been a while guys. Ive been with the site since launch, i used to be very involved with the forums but ive fallen off for the past few years due to school and fraternity stuff...also because of my girlfriend. I plan on re investing a portion of my time into giantbomb because the community is what makes this place great. LETS DO THIS SHIT YALL

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I feel high just from watching that shit.

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Deus Ex opened my mind to the world of cyber punk...and honestly the closest i will ever get to steam punk is bioshock. Dunno why, but steam punk never did it for me.

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Sue the fuck out of these assholes. Seriously. And fuck huff post, whoever wrote that article clearly doesnt know shit.

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After playing the beta i HAD to pre order it. And the free crysis is a plus. I haven't played it since its release...even then i played it on a shitty old desktop and still had a blast. Cant wait to experiences it all again with something better than 15 fps haha

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Point 1 is a real problem. Most people name their threads with the expectation that others will know what game they're talking about. So, yeah.

The other two I can't comment as being huge deals for me personally, but that first one is a personal gripe here.

Otherwise, site's awesome.

Precisely. The new site looks sick though! Im glad to be back on GB.

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Crysis 2 had so really good ideas and locations, but they really didnt build upon anything in the previous games to improve the experience in a meaningful way. I plan on going back and playing crysis one very soon, but im not sure how i feel about crysis 3 at the moment. Ive been playing the beta on the PS3 and have been having a blast, but the single player is was interests/concerns me. I want the gameplay to be something more interesting that the last one...and im starting to have my doubts that it will be anything that amazing. Nonetheless i will most likely buy Crysis 3 when it goes on sale. Hopefully over the summer break :)

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Myself and some friends are going to EDC and are planning on some crazy stuff (a luncha deer costume might be in order). Who else is going? A giantbomb meet up and chill if anyone is down?

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