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I wanted to say splinter cell...but after conviction which kinda skipped the whole stealth thing...i said hitman.

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I just finished syndicate and loved it. Kinda sad there wont be a sequel. The story telling could improve. But thats about it.

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Bro...there are jobs out there that highschool kids can get that pay more than 12 an hour. Jump on it dude, get a new job.

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@Sammo21 said:

Such a bold president. Don't forget he does still state that it is and SHOULD be a state's rights issue and up to the state to decide.

This shouldn't be a states rights issue. We might as well go back to the days when blacks couldn't marry whites. There are defiantly some states in the south that would pass laws like that if they could. Minorities rights MUST be protected.

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A) Yes they are selling the real ending later. That is bullshit.

B) Anime is for jerks.

That is all children.

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Well...portal 3 is getting announced i guess. Totally sucks because i wanted half life 3. Looks like i get to wait some more.

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Yeah, not saying the US is perfect, but i dont even know how someone can even compare the two. Stalin was a fucking monster.

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Quality. Watching my uncle spew his guts up from brain cancer isn't exactly what i think of as awesome. They should have put him to rest before that moment ever had to come.

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@CL60 said:

Looking through that topic made me a sad panda. :(

Yeah...same :(

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I love both the max payne games! Cant wait for 3. I dont think rockstar will disappoint.