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Is there a list of emoticons which already exist? Kind of envious at seeing images of the GB crew appear magically next to text of others.

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Day one patches for consoles are a thing now. Let's all un-celebrate!

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Oh god, that was sublime. I especially like the bit when Vinny's eyes rotate.

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Anyone mentioned the guy who angered Phil Fish after the AnnoyedGamer exchange? Something about him mentioning "Redheads don't lie" and then accusing Fish of abusing his ex-girlfriend. Said guy deleted his account soon after (GamerHiveMind), but I still managed to catch his last few tweets on his timeline stating how proud he was that he pissed off many people for Fez II's cancellation. Obviously he wasn't solely responsible, but I'm sure that those well-timed tweets didn't help matters.

This whole thing is pretty horrible. I re-watched Indie Game the Movie and you can tell that Phil Fish is a very emotional kind of guy in both extremes - good and bad. You could see the passion and dedication and I guess it's just sad that it's come to this. I feel for people put off developing indie games from the hate and negative comment it attracts.

I wish him well in his future adventures.

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Fine words, sir.

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Looks stellar. Can't wait!

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Thank you, sir. Take as long as you need. These old GB videos are bringing nothing but good memories.

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I'd buy one.

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This photo was tweeted by Alexis and totally floored me. I've linked it rather than embed the photo because it'll probably make you cry too.

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Still can't believe this. 34 is way too soon. My heartfelt condolences go out to everyone at the Giant Bomb and his wife. Ryan gave me so much enjoyment and entertainment for the past 5 years since I knew of the Bombcast and all the Quick Looks. I didn't know him personally, but it feels like I've lost a very good friend.

RIP. Thanks for everything.