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That indentation in Allard's head is where they removed the uncool part of his brain.

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I stop listening when Brad goes on about bloody DOTA. Two Bombcasts in a row now.

I drink beer every time Ryan says "rogue-like". I don't even know what it is! Haha!

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I'm hoping that they start the unveiling by ordering pizza. :)

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@assinass: I am indeed. Bearded chap on the right in front of the other bearded chap. Hang on. All those men on the right have beards. Beards.

It is pretty exciting to see where this will all lead - we already have a community of adventure game fans within Kickstarter itself helping. The community is extremely humbling, to be honest. I think it's something we've always wanted to do as a company and Kickstarter is a great way to not only fund it, but to directly connect with the people who will be funding and playing the game itself.


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I think I hated Phil Fish when his game was broken and glitchy and I couldn't really complete it.

Then he moaned about Microsoft's patching process.

But then! He appeared on Indie Game the Movie and turned out to be not such a bad chap.

This pro-trolling is a masterstroke. He'll be remembered as the KUBRICK OF VIDEOGAME. (Capitalised for effect).

Keep pissing off those nerds, Phil! HAHHAAHAHA

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Cheers for plugging our Kickstarter - I was about to do some professional whorin'

I didn't name the project. If I did, I would have called it The Sadness of Infinity.

It is exciting though - our first bonafide Kickstarter project. We've been working internally on Realm (sorry again) for some time now, so it's good that we've finally got things out there. Richard Jacques did an amazing job with the soundtrack for the trailer - we were surprised by him when he secretly used his orchestral time to give the trailer soundtrack more of a sheen.

Any help from you fine fellow GB duders would be very much appreciated - we really want to make this game something special.

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Oh god. Animal Crossing. Yes please!

I love the Nintendo Directs - they give more of a human face to Nintendo as a company. They're not full of any particular PR bullshit spin - just an honest look at what's to come from them. I appreciate that.

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Much as I love me some Bombcast, this week's edition had a touch of the spoilers about it - mild spoilers, though spoilers all the same. I'm currently playing through Bioshock Infinite - I normally don't buy current games as soon as they appear, but I decided to make a bit of an exception in that the hype was too good to resist. So far, so good. I secretly noted that I'll be side-stepping all the spoiler-type stuff which the Bombcast usually puts out there a few weeks after a game's release.

So the chatter about the ending of Bioshock Infinite was mildly infuriating, especially since they announced that there would be a special "Spoilercast" for the game. All that chatter which went on in the latest Bombcast? Save it for that! Mr. Klepek seems to like teasing stuff like spoilers but in a way that actually slightly spoils things. Only slightly. A soupcon of a spoiler, but a spoiler all the same. The chat about comparing the ending to a certain movie director and then a certain movie? Fuck that. Cheers, Patrick. Now I have that exact fucking movie in my head when I play Bioshock Infinite.

I also noted he was itching to reveal the twist of the latest Army of Two game even though it's only been out there for a single week. What gives?

Maybe it's the beard.

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More fucking layoffs. Good luck to those affected.