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Purchasing Freak Out (Otherwise known as Stretch Panic in the US) for the PlayStation2 on the blind assumption that it would be good because it was a Treasure game.

It was no good.

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Pretty insane deal. Makes me think if this can't be adopted in the future for other games publishers who have games just languishing in the Phantom Zone. Seems to be a great way to raise money for charity with them.

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Probably posted already - seems like MCV have caused some controversy already with this news story - http://www.mcvuk.com/news/read/reviews-go-live-for-hitman-absolution/0106621

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The Eurogamer debacle is pretty damning stuff - a total lost of integrity for Eurogamer as they let go of one of their best writers. Robert Florence goes way back in the days of Consolevania and Videogaiden (search for them on the YouTubes) - he's a very passionate advocate of videogames and he speaks a lot of truth about them. It sounds like there was a lot of interconnected shady goings-on which lead to the article being edited and for Rab to step gracefully down - which was hinted at in his follow-up article on botherer.org. He's the one guy who's come out of all this with a huge amount of respect from the gaming populace and a huge portion of the gaming press.

I trust Giant Bomb enough to give them money every year to entertain me. I think thie site and the fine people involved are extremely trustworthy individuals when it comes to opinion over gaming. There's been no Eurogamer-style crisis at Giant Bomb and I'd like to think the site was born out of Jeff's unfortunate run-in with the PR machine himself. It's a force of good.

I trust you, Patrick.

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Very excited to hear the soundtrack although I'll wait until I hear it when I play the game in full - I'll download the music when I'm done with the game :)

I know Neil Davidage mentioned in that 343 doc about being respectful to the music of the past Halos - plus he's a huge fan of the other games. So yep, excited.

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I broke it already. One of the workbenches inside my new house is displaying furniture I already crafted. The menu then decides to glitch some more. Why, Bethesday, why?

I love the notion of it, just annoys me there's stuff like display cases you can't actually display stuff in. Also why can't I mount a motherfucking dragon's head on the wall?

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Leave the classic logo alone. It's great.

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Jeff's 40 cent rant will become the stuff of legend.

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I see no issue here. Bombcast in one chunk is just fine.

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Not a big surprise that IE is behind a paywall. I think it'll be my last year of Gold membership - the Xbox dash experience these days is akin to wading through shit. The apps have been shoehorned in and everything now runs super-slow. The Metro interface is also detrimental to navigation - unless, of course - you have a Kinect. Case in point - the software keyboard for searches is now a single horizontal line of letters rather than the traditional layout. Pretty horrid.

PSN offers a lot more for your money at the moment - plus the adverts on the XMB don't appear to be nearly as offensive as the ones on the Xbox dash.