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I'm surprised that WD is in second place. I've always figured Barb Monk and Wizard are top three picks for people no matter what. I've been set on WD since before they were even announced. I love me some pet classes.

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@Brodehouse said:

@Sooty Valve games are. Also, battle.net is a breath away from being a client itself.

But it was a decent client, at least before battle.net 2.0 and blizzard did get a lot of flak for that, deservedly so.

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You wanna know a fun game to break? Twilight Princess. You can glitch out of the map using the wolf's "Midna co-op" attack and walk over to the Master Sword very early on, which makes it possible to shift into and out of wolf form during segments where you would normally be forced to use wolf form. Also, you can jump super far by doing a jump attack after tossing your boomerang. But yeah, Metroidvania-esque games are usually the best for this kind of thing.

Dude.. the dungeon order for a typical OoT run is go into the well to get bombchus > Jabu Jabu > Get adult link (everything from this point on is done as adult link) > Dungongo Cavern > spirit temple > forest temple > Deku tree > Water temple > fire temple. Honestly I'd recommend for everyone to check out an OoT run at some point.

http://www.twitch.tv/speeddemosarchivesda/b/304851855 There's the link to the guy with the current world record running the game and explaining all of the glitches as he's doing them. It's not his best run but its still amazing to see it. OoT starts at around 39:40. If you've got two and a half hours to kill then watch it and prepare to get your mind blown.

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There's countless other games that are a lot more broken. SM64 and OoT come to mind. Metroid prime 2 is a lot more broken than prime 1. Seriously check our speed runs of SM64, OoT and prime 2.

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If anybody is still doing this I wouldn't mind if I could get the achieve.

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Horse just sliding away from me at 200 km/h when I get off of it. Just watching it slide over everything without slowing down. That includes trees, houses and mountains.

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Trains vs Zombies was pretty funny. I'm pretty sure all these simulators are terrible and no one can tell. Can anyone tell me if Amnesia is really gory? I like a really tense atmosphere but don't really like gore.

There isn't really any gore unless you count massive fleshy looking blobs that you only really see for a few seconds at a time.

Also trains vs zombies quick look has to happen!

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@stoydell said:
@picklecannon: You mean the big stack of red plates or whatever that comes after your entrance node when you get detected? Every time I've tried to hack that before it never worked. Do you know if there are any tricks regarding that?
If the only connection to the node has arrows pointing away from it then there's no way to hack it.
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@SethPhotopoulos said:
What I did was this.  Stun gun, frag grenade, PEP Gun (I got that by breaking into the armory of the police station and that gun is awesome), stun gun, frag grenade, etc.  He ends up getting stuck in a loop that way.
You don't even have to stun him after the first frag. All of the bosses in the game 'flinch' when you hit them with a frag grenade, so emp/concussion + frag x3-5 is all you need for them.
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I've honestly had no problems hacking at all at any point in the game... I actually kind of enjoy it. At the end of the game I was sitting at around 20 stop worms and 40 nuke viruses. Hacking stealth is pretty vital in making it as painless as possible, and fortify is also pretty useful, especially on lower level nodes. Getting +3 defenses on just your main node gives you like 10 extra seconds on a level 1 and 2 terminal. Also sometimes the enemy node is really close by and when you hack the enemy node you automatically win (and get every bonus) so sometimes it's a lot faster to just go for the enemy instead of everything else.