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Do they even know the game?  I guess they must've had early access or that would be a stupid tourney.

Gabe's quote is right there on the blog of the first link:
             “The International is the first public Dota 2 event and will give the tens of millions of gamers playing Dota around the world their first look at the new game,” said Gabe Newell, president and founder of Valve. “I have had the good fortune to watch the competitors as they prepare for the tournament, and the level of play is extraordinary.” 
The top teams are pretty much the beta testers for the game.
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@Klei said:
The gameplay vdeo you linked made the game look really ordinary to me. I'm like...  So... ''this'' is D3? For real?
Yeah that video looked really lame. What happened to being able to clear a whole screen of monsters with only 1 or 2 spell casts? That's what made diablo 2 so fun, being stupid over powered.
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Uncharted Racing must happen.

Uncharted bobble head racing.
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I quit runescape but I did play it on and off for a couple of years. Fishing while you watch movies/shows/youtube with 2 browsers open (or 2 monitors) is great, and one of the reasons I actually have 99 fishing lol. The thing about runescape that really kills the experience is that it has way to much to do, and it's always adding more content. For whatever reason that sounds like an amazing thing but just knowing that you'll never catch up to the high players unless you work at it non-stop for litterally years to max every skill is a big turn off for me.
Anyways since you're a fresh member, might I recommend slayer to you? It's probably one of the most challenging (If taking long is challenging) skills to level but one of the most profitable and enjoyable. It also takes you all around p2p so you'll get to see a lot of the newer areas. It's one of the things that I enjoyed in my final days of runescaping, although again, while telling myself I'm going to level slayer I would get clue drops which would lead to quests to unlock areas for the clue, which would sometimes mean I needed to level up certain skills to do the quests, etc. Always ton's of things to do with ton's of distractions around every corner.

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In Canada the razor onza is the cheaper of the two, and I think it's a lot better as well.

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they could've rented the staples center with that kind of money

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Is the Bollywood actor the Benny Lava guy?

No, it's Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Jr. (aka Jr. NTR).
If youtube comments are anything to go by I think they maybe the same in both videos. Benny Lava is just the fake name of the song given by what the guy misheard the lyrics as.
EDIT: no you were right, after a couple more minutes of digging around the Benny Lava guy is actually Prabhu Deva.
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Is the Bollywood actor the Benny Lava guy?

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Guess whose not buying EA games anymore? And its not because I'm boycotting them or anything, its just because i like steam and if your game isn't on that service i probably will never see it.
That's a pretty stupid thing to say.  You're not paying for a platform, it's just a service.  Steam is free so you really haven't 'invested' anything more than imaginary support for the service.  What's wrong with using both?  You don't lose out for having an account both ways.
If they put their games on steam I'll gladly purchase them but i don't feel like putting my CC info into another service just because EA wants to keep their games off of steam. They've already screwed steam users over with DA2 (FREE digital deluxe for pre-orders off every DD service until X date, steam gets DA 2 pre-orders 1 day later - no digital deluxe), and its obvious they just want to try to make their platform more viable which is good and they should be doing it, but they shouldn't be punishing customers for using steam. Give customers an incentive to buying stuff off of your platform versus steam instead of just screwing people over and making it unavailable via their platform of choice.