Random pie.

Im kind of bored so im going to sit here for a bit and write bout stuff. I once heard a wise man say that a block of jelly is worth it's weight in grams however that doesnt make any sense. I prefer pepsi to coke becuase i think it has a bit more flavour also if were talking about drinks i hate the feeling you get in your throat after drinfing stuff like ribena. It feels like slime and no matter how hard you try you cant get it out of your throat.

My computer wont stream videos anymore.

Has anybody noticed the lack of funnily named food today? In the days before straming videos food would have funny names like fudgesicle and poop a drops but nowadays the most funnily named food is probably fudgesicle and rhubarb.
Did you know that there are more than 57 varieties and that coca cola used to (and maybe still does) have certain illegal drugs in it? Also blue cheese was discovered when a boy left some cheese in a cave and he came back  a few months later and gone moldy but he ate it and it tasted nice.

Why do people put X's in their gamertags and stuff? I really dont get it. I sent a message to complete stranger on xbox live asking why and he responded by saying what's it to you. I then responded saying that i was just wondering is all and he replied back saying "I dunt know" oubviosly feeling a fool for having stupid name. The same goes for people who are in the pro or underground zone. Do people think that there cool if their in those zones? What is the underground zone anyway? The description is something liike "you never back down and play ruthlessy" that isnt suporting fun gaming and the people who made the zones must of known that it's only the 9 yr super cool gangstas are the only ones who would put themselves in those zones (i hope).

I feel like playing some civilization but my stupid computer can barely play them. I could rebuy revolution but knowing that i have the proper pc ones turns me off that.

I think that will do for now.


Intriguing idea for zombie game.

Ive had this idea for a zombie game floating round for a while now and i wondered what you guys think. The game starts 5 years after a world wide zombie outbreak and your stronghold that contains about 200 people inside a large building of some kind has just been breached by a gigantic zombie horde however you manage to escape outside... The game would take place in a smallish city with the country side surrounding it and all buildings would be acsesable for you to enter. You could choose to maybe barricade yourself inside a building in the city which would mean thered be lots of supplies nearby for you to collect and improve your buildings defences from the zombie horde however the zombie horde would be a constant threat or you could choose to barricade youself in a farm in the country side which would mean dangoures treks into the city to collect supplies but the zombies would be less of a threat. I wouldnt want there to be many weapons in the game which would make the player figure out ways to avoid the zombies and  when you do find weapons you could use them to improve you defences for example if you were to find a chainsaw instaed of going mental and attempting to kill all the zombies, you could strap it onto the side of your building and turn it on if zombies appraoch the building and try to get in. The zombies would be your typical slow shuffling type  that bring strenght in numbers. there wouldnt really be a storyline . Feel free to comment on my idea or just make fun of my writing ability also ask questions because ill probably get my idea across better if you ask some questions