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I remember hearing some music from Command and Conquer 3 in Top Gear during a car review. Kinda surreal really ...

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Alice the Madness Returns.

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Oh for sure, Conkers Bad Fur Day. It was a perfect game in my mind. Great single player campaign with a lot of variety in gameplay. From surfing lava, to carrying a bomb on a timer, to peeing on stuff to riding dinosaurs. A multiplayer that not only had a fun twist on regular tdm ( see gas cannister), but had unique game modes of its own based on story( cavemen vs raptors fro raptor eggs). The game had a memorable soundtrack and really a character and humor of its own. Im not saying it was the best game, im saying it was A perfect game.

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GOD DAMN IT DAVIS! YOU HAD TO DRINK THAT 'BREAST MILK' DIDNT YOU?!? You will sorely be missed. A good video game critic and an even better person, we have lost a true leader in the video game community. We should all strive a little harder to be more like Ryan Davis. Rest in Peace you magnificent white chocholate.

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Conkers bad fur day. Here are some reasons:

1. Some of the best graphics on the console.

2. The main plot has a lot of variety. From charachter variety to tasks that you have to do. It ranges from fighting a giant poo monster, surfing lava and helping give one very angry cigar smoking cog oral.Tons of variety in gameplay and scenarios in general.

3. Funny

4. Fantastic multiplayer with inventive game modes. Even old ones like team tdm get a twist on them by having the canister.

5. Speaking of charchters, they are all very different and unique in their own way.

6. Good boss battles.


if u disagree, u have a differing opinion, which is wrong.

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Movie: Batman Arkham Asylum

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While I love everyone, the only choice that wont hurt anyones feelings is Vinny. Why? CUZ FUCKING VINNY. No, but tbh, Vinny to me seems to put in the most effort not just behind the scenes but also being funny on the pod too. Jeff is a close second. Another thing that Vinny has going for himis that he is a baby daddy now, and as we all know, babies are imbalanced as fuck.

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@gamefreak9: chew on this for a bit and tell me what you think.

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no, im not hitmanagent47, sry.

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The games faction, PMC...

The original...

What do you guys think? Im a bit of a conspiracy theorist and it is a little disturbing to me.