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I can't believe I'm gonna say this but.... Grunt; he's just adorable in a spastic and blood thirsty kind of way!

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That would certainly brighten my Rocktober :D

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My favorite robot is Lucy Lawless's character Number 3 (D'Anna) from the new Battlestar Galactica.  For me at least, watching her go head to head with Adama and Roslin, or even the other cylons was awesome.  She was just badass to put it simply, lol.  I was not a fan of her ending in the series but that's gone and done so bitching about it won't really get me anywhere.  She was so pivotal and mysterious throughout the series and so incredibly powerful.

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Shiki's cat Mr. Mew from The World Ends With You

A cat that you can throw at people gets super huge and shoots lasers from its eyes is always awesome.

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I really do not understand at all why people seem to be freaking out about this.  First off, basically nothing is known about Halo: Reach, so how can people seriously judge how Natal could affect it?  Second, he says it "could" be enabled with it; if it's not even a definite on being included then why are people bitching that they don't want to be flailing around with it.  If anything it looks like it would be minimal and optional.

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I didn't finish GTA 4, or get very far into it, but this makes me want to play it again haha