My Favorite Games

All of these games hold a special place in my heart

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

I'm about to install KOTOR and play it for the first time.  :)

Posted by gjedwards

this is a great list

Posted by EliminatoR

you should not avoid JRPGs, they might be silly but also very fun and they shine when it comes to characters and story.
Posted by void1234
@EliminatoR: uhhhhh shine? tell that to the 50 annoying stupid blond protagonists that plague the jrpg world. And don't forget enchanted arms.....Na there are several good jrp's you  just have to be picky because there are A LOT out there.
Posted by Radar

I agree with you on SWG. Was my first MMO aswell.

Posted by rmanthorp

Great list.

Posted by AngelN7

Im glad to see TWEWY so high in someone else's list.