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Thanks Jeff and GB Staff for putting up your thoughts on the GamerGate topic! I appreciated the level-headedness of the message.

Money or favors shouldn't ever be exchanged between journalists and developers. If any has, then it should be disclosed immediately and that journalist shouldn't report on that developer.

If stories are not being reported because the topic will hurt friends in the industry, then I think that is an example of biased reporting. News is news and the good, as well as the bad, ought to be reported. Truth can be ugly, and I believe not reporting the truth is even worse.

As I understand it, a component to journalism is being a watchdog for the public good. If that quality is tossed aside, then I think that is an example of biased reporting.

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To affect a massive effect in Mass Effect, the Masses have affected an effect to this effect!

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All your questions should be dependent on the collection in question. The quality of each collection is going to vary.

From what I know:

  • Metroid Prime trilogy for Wii has been reworked to use the Wiimote controller instead of the analog stick of Nintendo 64. This should translate into a better gaming experience overall.
  • Metal Gear HD collection includes previous Metal Gear games uprez'd to higher standards. Also, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, formerly a PSP exclusive, is included. There is value in owning this specific collection.

I wouldn't bother with getting the original unless they severely gimped the updated version.

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I think neighbors would be a powerful form of references. Like what Laughing Man said, they can vouch for your overall civility. Short of background checks, references will lend towards your character and ability to obey the law.

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Keiji Inafune is no longer with Capsule Computers. That's Mr. Mega Man, friends.

I think Capcom will keep Mega under wraps for a lengthy period of time.

When they do resurrect the bucket of bolts, they should have a solid story arc that will span a set number of games, and see if the first game pans out. If it does, we get the sequels and see more of the story. If not, then great - MvC V will have Megaman.EXE. I think they need to create a specific story arc and not try to create sequel after sequel.

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I got thru Peace Walker just fine on my PSP. I really enjoyed that game.

The graphics were really sub-par when compared to consoles, but probably pushed the psp's capability. The short-burst playing was great for when you wanted to play with friends. The CQC was really simplified (hint: once you have the soldier in a choke hold, press the triangle button several times to get the soldier to actually say something useful)

Did you get to the ending, with the ending timeline and speech? Absolute chills, man.

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These themes get stuck in my head all the time.

Legend of Mana - Earth Painting


Metal Gear Solid - Warhead Storage


Metroid - Ending Credits


Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Ryu Stage


Final Fantasy VIII - Balamb Garden Theme


Final Fantasy IV - Battle Theme


Final Fantasy VI - Boss Fight


Super Mario 64 - Bomb-omb Battlefield


Mechwarrior 2 OST - Silent Thunder / Rust Heart


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In response to the new information about Final Fantasy XIII-2, I have decided Final Fantasy needs to change. Post one thing you want to see change for the next Final Fantasy game (not necessarily XIII-2).

Here's mine: no monster hunting

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I thought the story in Tactics Advanced was written for children, and the gameplay seemed like a watered down version of Tactics. Final Fantasy Tactics has a story centered more on social class inequality and government corruption.

You should know that Final Fantasy Tactics has a terrific soundtrack, produced by the same peeps that did the Final Fantasy XII soundtrack.

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I'll see you that, and raise you this.