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Ludicrous Speed.

If you start it again, do a blog about it. I remember getting really dis-interested during the guitar-playing minigame. -_-;

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Both Trigger and Cross have great music composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. Many melodies in Chrono Trigger can be found in Chrono Cross.

Both games differed in their plot - Trigger was centered on time travel, while Cross focused on multiple dimensions. I appreciated the tie-ins of the characters from both games (Glenn/Frog, Balthasar, Magus/Janus, Lucca, Scala, etc.), but the story itself was very confusing for me. I was bothered with the fact that Chrono Trigger's story involved the entire planet, while Cross was focused on a single archipelago. It seemed to me the game could have just been its own, without being tied back to Chrono Trigger.

I thought there were too many characters to manage in Chrono Cross than in Trigger. Some characters, secret or regular, just didn't seem necessary to be a part of the actual party.

It's easy for me to select Chrono Trigger over Chrono Cross any time.

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Yeah, I'd be afraid to use a ps3 controller because driver support has gotta be sketchy, at best. Pretty sure Sony doesn't want their hardware being used on anything Microsoft sneezes on.

For the wired controller, I just got mine at Best Buy. It's a simple controller, cost me $30, and I believe it's an investment to last me forever.

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The setting is going to be part of the game's story, separate from the game's mechanics.

I think my enjoyment out of the setting is going to rely more on how it is used in the story. I'm not going to get a game just because it's set in the city. We all could play Sim City 2000 to satisfy that itch.

That being said, I would like to see more games (specifically RPGs) set in modern times - not necessarily fantasy/future, but simply more modern. We likely don't get very many of these because an idea behind playing an RPG is to assume a role of a character in a different time and place not like your own.

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The game is still in alpha, right?

Looks similar to River City Ransom. Huh, I wonder why no one has tried a historical beat-'em-up yet...

I'm learning Coldfusion, and the complicated work that makes trivial things like Save and Load are amazingly awesome personal milestones when you get it to work. ^^;

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Microsoft entered into the foray of tele-video amusements back in, well, some time ago (XBox 1 was in 2001, not sure if Microsoft console games existed prior to). Since then, they've done some good things in the video games world. With XBox 2, they created, arguably, the best controller for the PC.

I've played with some gamepads for the pc, and nothing even comes close to the XBox 360 Controller. If you play any games on your PC that don't require keyboard and mouse (lots of indie games come to mind), you need to own an XBox 360 Controller with USB cable.

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Depeche Mode article on the website.  Once again proving that Giant Bomb is Relevant.  Always™.

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Guys, I think this is pretty obvious.

First off, you got the surprise Exclamation mark that the enemy lets off when you're spotted.
But what about our Spanish friends?  What does their surprise look like?  "­­­¡Quien está!", "¡Intruso!", "¡Ahí está!". So, the next installment is gonna take place in a spanish-speaking country.
The third bit?  Why, that's a funny take on a simple computer power button.  computers + metal gear tease = metal gear virus

*******************************ZOMG SPOILERZ*****************************

SOOOO the next installment of Metal Gear has you playing as Otacon's dead sister infiltrating a virtual compound filled with Mexicans, trying to take down Metal Gear ROY (after the pattern of recent Metal Gear names) - a giant mecha Roy Campbell.  Obviously, whoever designed the virus was close to the Colonel...and Japanese...or a fan of the Japane- OTACON!

And you know Kojima would do a mind-job JUST LIKE THAT...

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I strongly believe you guys should invest in a talk box.  You could then feature it in the Bombcast as a kind of "Phrase of the Week" where you say something totally off-the-wall using the talk box.  But be wary, friends - too much talk box will potentially ruin EVERYTHING!

Plus, us listeners could send in suggestions for the afore-proposed "Phrase of the Week".

Things can only go up from here...