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I saw a trailer for this game that was all cheeky, talking about what to do if you're infected with a symbiote.  That made this game look like a lame attempt at a RE style Spiderman game.

THIS trailer on the other hand makes this game look much better.  I hope they do much better with the aerial mechanics than with the first Spiderman game they released back on Gamecube.  I wonder how close this story will follow the comic book story of the Planet of the Symbiotes?  I mean, where's Carnage in all this??

And yes, the Wolverine tie-ins is reaching its saturation point.  Stop using that character as a means to move product.

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"Yeah yeah.  Some say he's more than a man, but lesser than a god..."

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I hope that this game comes, but only for one very important reason: TEH OFFICI4L C04T F0RUMZ!!1!one!!11!!!

FINALLY, a place where I could legitimately talk about the current trends and woes of the Coat Industry and how corrupt officials in the Major Coat Cities (Chicago, New York City, Anchorage, London, etc.) are taking kickbacks while rogue coats roam the streets...
You wanna talk about solving the crime problems in Sim Coat 3000...

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Solid Brad.  It's kinda strange - without the eyebrows or sideburns, it's hard to tell WHO it is.
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This is the sad state of affairs in the world, folks.  You've got two companies in direct competition - OF COURSE they're gonna pull all the strings to hurt each other's business!

You can cry and moan all you want, but this is, economically, precisely what Fox should have done if they want to screw over WB.

Do I agree with it?  Nope.  Is it sad?  Totally.  Depraved?  Indeed.  But that's Big Business.  I know that Fox Studios has put out some amazing creative work (Cast Away, Home Alone, Ice Age, Master and Commander).  It's when money-loving Corporate gets involved that these sad things happen (see Gerstmann Gate).

If things were reversed, I wouldn't flinch if WB tried to pull one over Fox.

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Ah, makes sense now.  Thanks Matty.

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I've played FF 7 and beaten it.  Great game in its time.  But this has really got me bothered.

I don't mean to hate, but Shinra Electric Power Company as a concept???  C'mon.  Health is a concept.  Menus is a concept.  Character creation, save points, first person - these are concepts of a video game.  Shinra Electric Power Company???  It's an organization.  It's like a Macguffin.

How many games are gonna have this as a concept?  Only games within the FF 7 story.

Maybe Giantbomb should have a new category that groups things like Shinra EPC and Koopa together.  To me, that would make much more sense.  They could call it...uh, Groups, Classes, Clusters, Hierarchies, Syndicates...Posses?

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Okay, so we all know then that Solid got the inferior genes and Liquid got the superior.  Is it explained whether the inferior genes were dominant or recessive?

My point to all this was that Solid and Naked Snake both look almost identical.  If Solid got the inferior genes, that tells me that Naked had the inferior genes active (for the genes dictating their appearance were basically the same ones).  That is unless we're only (and Ocelot and Solidus were only) talking about the soldier genes.

If the inferior genes were active, does that make them the dominant genes?

I dunno, kinda a detail-scrutiny topic, but I always wondered, since they both looked alike, they both must've had the same gene makeup - dominant/recessive & inferior/superior.

I think it's pretty clear that nurture > nature.

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I got this from http://faqs.ign.com/articles/506/506035p1.html:

faqs.ign.com said:

Yes. The inferior one was the winner after all. ...That's right.
Until the very end, Liquid thought he was the inferior one. Yes,
sir. I agree completely. It takes a well-balanced individual...
such as yourself to rule the world. No, sir. No one knows that
you were the third one... Solidus. ...What should I do about the
woman? Yes sir. I'll keep her under surveillance

From this I take it that Solid was the inferior one.  Where do we find that Solid had the dominant genes and Liquid the recessive?