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I really liked MGS3.  The whole camouflage mechanic, not having a Soliton radar system, and overall relying on the audio and visual cues really gave me a greater sense of sneaking around, and that's what I look for in a MGS game.  Still haven't played MGS4, though.

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So Solid Snake and Liquid Snake were genetic clones of Big Boss.  Solid got the recessive genes, and Liquid got the dominant genes.  Taking from the story from MGS1, the experiment was to figure out whether nature was stronger than nurture - whether Liquid was stronger than Solid due to his dominant genes, or if Solid was stronger than Liquid based on ability and skill learned in life.

What of Big Boss's recessive genes?  What if they were stronger than the dominant genes?  Did anyone else notice how uncanny a resemblance that Solid had to the young Naked Snake?

Or are we only looking at the soldier genes of Big Boss...?