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WTF?  Fail!  How the hell do you change the main character like that?  I didn't know there was a problem the first time?

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Or health care reform. LAWLZ!

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Yeah, the GOP found their loophole.  But most of what I read is that the Dems look at this as just a hiccup in the whole process. They still feel it will pass through once again.  Now if it were in November after elections, then I would say that there is a good chance it wouldn't pass through because many Dems are going to lose their seats at the next election.  We'll see.

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The fact is that most people don't really know what this reform will bring.  They only follow and listen to what their politicians and biased news outlets are telling them about the bill.  This reform bill consists of 2300 total pages of literature and I promise you that almost none of the protestors and people in favor have read any of the official pages of this bill.
I myself have only heard what both parties are saying and I am probably at a middle ground here.  There are some aspects that I like while other parts I do not.  At this point, we will have to see what happens.  There isn't much we can do about it now.


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I really enjoyed the developers take on the story of the "4 Horsemen".  Although there are a few differences from the devlopers take and the actual story from The Book Of Revelation. 
In the developers story the "4 Horsemen" are summonsed once all seven seals are broken.  While in the Book Of Revelation, the "4 Horseman" are released onto the world when the first four seals are broken.  For each seal, one horseman is released at a time.  So technically, all '4 Horsemen" should have already been released in the game had the developer went with the story in The Book Of Revelation.  
I guess the developer just took their own spin to make there plot and story work out.  Either way, I really liked the way this game ended with the final seal being broken and remaining horsemen coming to the aid of WAR.  I really hope they make a sequel to this game.

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There really was nothing too hard about this game.  The puzzles were easy enough to figure out so that it did not screw up the pacing of the game.

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Also, I suggest making sure that you spend your points on "small guns" early in the game.  You will come across a ton of pistols and AK's.  Also, giving some points to "mele" weapons early on will probably help as well.  But eventually you will forget about that once you start coming across weapons and ammo on a frequent basis. 

This game can be hard to start but once you start leveling up, it turns into a cakewalk.  I don't think I've ever had a "difficulty" issue with this game since before level 10. 

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If you are trying to get the achievements for all three karma levels, all you have to do is create a save file right before you hit level 20 or 30.

Then go ahead and level up to either 20 or 30.  You won't get the achievement until after you decide which perk you are going to choose.  So if you choose the bad karma perk, you'll get the achievement for reaching level 20 or 30 with bad karma.   

After you choose your perk and you receive the achievement, go and load your save file that you made.  Kill a few guys and level up.  Then choose the other karma perk at which point you will receive the achievement for reaching level 20 or 30 with that specific karma level.

Then load the save file again, rinse and repeat.  You can literally get all three of the level achievements at the same time.  In turn, saving you a ton of time.  I love this game but I do not see the point in going back and playing this game three times over.  Especially when one playthrough with DLC included can run you over 50 hours if you were just worried about leveling. 

I have all of the achievements for this game and way over 100+ hours of gameplay.  And thats without going back and playing through the game 3 separate times.

This method was a little more tricky before Broken Steel was released.  You literally had to create save files at levels 7, 13, and 19.  Also, it was much easier if you played through with the highest karma level.  So all you would have to do is go to Megaton, kill some friendly's which would take karma away and then leave once you have aquired the specific level of karma.  Then go into the wastes and kill some Mutants for experience until you hit level 8, 14, or 20.  Again, rinse and repeat for the other levels of karma.

Tricky but nowhere near impossible.  Hopefully you made a lot of save files like myself.

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LVL 30 here.  It kinda sucked because they decided to raise the cap after the first two pieces of DLC.  You only get to about LVL 23 or 24 for completing Broken Steel. 

I hope for the two future DLC releases that they just keep the level limit at 30.   I spent more time leveling from 24 to 30 than I did on all three pieces of DLC.