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" It's official it "sucks" because it got 8.2/10? That's the best (worst) you could do with it? It even says "impressive" under the number right there. That's a far cry from "it sucks" don't you think? On 1UP the score difference is even less. Now the game may well suck on PS3, I haven't played it, but according to these reviews it does anything but suck. That they rate it lower due to the slight technical issues mentioned screams of the (at least) double reviewing standards. Console versions of other games that have a PC version which loads faster, looks and runs better don't get points knocked unless there are other bigger problems like Dragon Age's control issues (though control deficiencies in FPS games also get ignored, lol). It's nice to have the best version but making such a big deal of it putting down others who may get what is scored slightly lower is stupid hyperbole. Or you should go make a thread for every multiplatform game ever that's also on PC saying it's official it sucks on PS360 for such reasons, lol. "
It sucks because the PS3 is my system of choice. It sucks because, according to the review, there's an excess of load times and slowdown compared to the 360 version. These technical issues are far from 'slight' and can very well change the gaming experience. Sorry for the hyperbole, but I really was looking forward to picking up the PS3 version. Now I have to settle for the 360 version.
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I downloaded the (PS3) demo (loved it!) and was looking forward to buying the game on the PS3, but now it looks like I'll have to get the 360 version instead. Or possibly wait for the PS3 version to hit the bargain bin. Hmm... $15-$20 for the inferior PS3 version for $50-$60 for the superior 360 version?

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IGN posted their review of Bayonetta for both the PS3 and 360 and, you guessed it, the PS3 version got knocked because of excessive load times and slowdown. So much for Sony/Sega/Platinum Games/Whoever fixing the problems with the PS3 version prior to release. Can those sort of issues even be fixed with a patch?

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I bought a PSP not too long ago and have had a difficult time putting it down ever since. I'm not into hacking and running illegal programs, so I'm thankful that its gaming library is as great as it is. Since it has been out for a while, there are a number of decent titles that can be had for relatively cheap. So far I've bought Rockband, Crisis Core, God of War and Resistance and they all rock! Hopefully by the time I'm through with them, Gran Turismo, FF: Dissidia and Chinatown Wars will become Greatest Hits as well.

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I picked up a PSP3000 the other day and am having a blast with it! Rockband unplugged about as fun as the console version, despite the lack of multiplayer. Once I can find them on sale, I plan on picking up God of War, Crisis Core and Gran Turismo. I wish I had a PSP sooner so I could've gotten in on that buy 2-get-1-game-free sale at Toys R Us. >_<

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" @Void_Wizard said:
" The code could only have a 1-time use for it. "
Still doesn't take away the fact that 2 people could own the game, even though only 1 paid for it. (1 has umd and the other has the downloaded version). "
Sony should have some sort of service that allows gamers to mail their UMDs to them and, in turn, receive a code to download the game on PSN.
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" @THE_END said:
" ^ WTF?  I did not know that......... I downloaded PS1 classics to my PS3 and PSP......are you telling me I only have 3 downloads left?   If so this is total BS because I paid for them. "
Thats how the downloading industry is going to be. They aren't yours, the companies are allowing you to use their product. This is the reason why I'd rather have physical discs and media.  "
That really sucks. I thought it was like Steam where your purchases are tied to an account and can be downloaded as many times as necessary.
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I don't think I'll be downloading much from the PSP store. At most, I'll probably load a couple songs onto the stick for use in the games that support them. Looks like I'm going to stay away from the Go. I can't wait to pick up a new PSP tomorrow! Thanks again for the helpful advice!

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Nice. Thanks for the input! I hate dead pixels, but I guess I wouldn't have a problem if there were just 2 or 3. I'll check it out tomorrow and hopefully pick one up. If I don't plan to hack it, use homebrew or pirate/emulators at all, what's a decent memory stick to get. 2GB seem to sell for $20, but that might be overkill if all I'm doing is saving games. I do plan to pick up Beatorator sometime later. Does anyone know if the tracks in that game take up much space?
edit: oh yeah, one more thing. Is the PSP Go worth buying over a UMD-based PSP? I can't seem to access the PS Store without a compatible PS product, so I have no idea what their product catalog is like. Are there a lot of games listed? And are the prices pretty fair?

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With GT out now and soon Tekken 6, I'm considering a PSP 3000. Are the UMD drives in these things pretty reliable? My PSOne CD drive started crapping out in a couple years and the DVD drive my PS2 (fat) stopped working after about a year and a half. My PS2 (slim) still runs like a champ and I've still yet to buy a PS3.