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 Hi, My name is Marshall Jacobson. I LOVE video games, and I do not mean that lightly. I own a little over a thousand games and I love to collect games, memorabilia, and gaming consoles. My fisrt system was a Channel F, but the Super Nintendo is my favorite, with my top games being Star Fox, Super Metroid, Super Mario World, and Uniracers. I am from Seattle, I get all of my Retro needs from eBay and Pink Godzilla, A retro gaming store here in Seattle. Despite what people say, Seattle ain't that bad, coming from a guy who has lived here his whole life!  

If you are new here, you are in the best community and the largest video-game database on the intenet! You are with top Mods (Marino, ZombiePie), Great Contributers (StarFoxA, bobafetjm), and Awesome bloggers and story-tellers! (Video_Game_King). Welcome! 
 Thats me!





Stiil have to upload PSN, Steam, and XBL.