My Gaming Collection

I also list what console I own them for. Games I own for platforms they don't list: Cougar Boy: PuppetKnight, Dice Block, Bomb Disposer. Gameking: Starwars, Duckman, Brains, Catman. NOTE: I don't list games as Mac, so some of my PC games are Mac games. Other games (All of the non-Mac Games) I just list by the order they are lying in my house. The list might never be complete as I am always buying/ dowloading games. It's my hobby.

List items

Posted by bobafettjm

Pretty rad collection!

Posted by pikeplacer
Thanks! I am more impressed with my consoles though. My collection isn't all that great because I don't have a single sealed game. Well, mabey one or two.
Posted by EightBitShik

Good list I regret ever trading in my games :(

Posted by Brackynews

I wish I could locate this particular needle to check the platform you put down, but did you mean to add Star Wars Pinball cabinet? :)

Posted by Halos_god

Nice Collection!

Posted by jaybelevee

nice collection, weve not long started our collection its been about 4 months ish and we are up to over 500 games which i am pretty proud of but its nothing compared to yours congratulations :D