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I use this. I like it, works pretty well.

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Is there an official announcement about the new hires anywhere? I can't seem to find it.

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@taku128 said:

@truthtellah said:

@taku128: Dood, Deadly Premonition is 75% off and only $6.24!

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ is 75% off, as well! Only $2.49!

Devil May Cry 4 is also 75% off and only $4.99!!


I gotta hold out for flash sales and daily deals though, what if against all odds they get even cheaper!

Yeah, DP is tempting right now at 75% off, but it may get cheaper still! Definitely will be a pick up for me this sale though.

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The talking over the conferences was the best stuff for me. Makes them much more fun to watch.

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You people who say Dark Souls isn't a hard game are crazy. Compare DS to almost every other game on the market today and it's many many times more difficult than most of them. Just because it's not impossible to advance in DS doesn't mean that that game isn't very very hard. It just means that it's not insurmountable and that good tactics, preparation, and care pay off (as well they should).

You're obviously not cool enough or skilled in the very valuable and important life skill of being good at DS.

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@assinass: The depth of the fiction really is impressive. One of the few games where I actually read every single document. Very interesting story, and totally reminiscent of 2001.

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Nice blog. Although, I don't agree the requirement of every orb is necessarily a bad thing. The fortunately high prevalence of warp points makes this pretty easy to accomplish too. Getting around the ship is a breeze. Personally I only had to look up 3 puzzles, which I didn't mind in the slightest. As you say, some puzzles just don't click with everyone's way of thinking. I agree, and for me, this was expected, so I didn't necessarily assume I would be able to get every single puzzle without either looking a few up, or just banging my head against it for hours, which I wan't willing to do. I still think it's a truly "great" game (not just "good"); probably one of my top 5 from 2013, as a matter of fact.

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The map is terrible.

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Video game is still a dumb name. I've got a much better one guys. Index, short for interactive digital experience. Also shortened to ide, or idx if you're really cool.

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Oh yeah, REC and 28 Days Later too.