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    @jeff Is Dan the new guy who doesn't like driving? Here's a free idea for a video segment, take him to the local drag track on bracket racing day in whatever car you can get for what CBS will give yo...

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    Forgot to tweet that I was going to play #TheForest http://youtu.be/PDmCyMYJN1M?t=3m14s
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    Going to have some fun with Teleglitch and Crimsonland #RandomGames
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    Lets stream some #StarCitizen http://bit.ly/1kNHUNX
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    Gonna do some Watch_Dogs http://bit.ly/1kNHUNX
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    I did send you guys a tip guide/novelization of Castlevania II, If this goes again I think it would be awesome to hear excerpts.

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    Is there a way to get either this via the Podcast app for iOS, I've tried plugging the premium feed into itunes but Alt+F1 doesn't show up there. Also I haven't regularly synced my phone with my comp...