An open replay to Richard Garriot

An open letter was published recently by Richard Garriot about him leaving the industry. Here is my open answer:




As an avid follower of your craft from the days of Akalabeth to the apogee of Ultima VII, and the flawed yet innovative Tabula Rasa it makes me sad that you are leaving. Not as much for you leaving Destination Games, but more so from the sounds of it Lord British leaving the gaming industry.

For me Origin indeed created worlds, worlds that people like me partly made to our habitat. But perhaps your most lasting and influential achievement is introducing a paradigm of morality in games.  Principles like truth, love and courage, and virtues like compassion and humility totally nonexistent in gaming and increasingly becoming foreign in a modern world, became hopefully a integral part of our behavior. Indeed with your endeavors, our "blank slate" became somewhat edified.