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Y'know, when a large amount of people in a movement decide they need to donate to a charity in order to improve their public image and publicly gloat about it, donating to charity doesn't mean shit. They're not doing it out of benevolence, they're doing it as a PR stunt. Fuck GamerGate, seriously.

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What's the financial viability of a virtual trading card system? There isn't one, but valve wanted to do it and made it work.

You know, aside from the massive trading card market on Steam's own marketplace where Valve takes a cut on everything and gives a cut to the developers, further enticing developers to improve integration with the Steam platform.

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My main beef with the game (PC version) is the 1/4 of a second cutscene freeze that happens with every cutscene. Meaning that there's always a 1/4 of a second of lag occurring randomly within a cutscene. Yes, it's barely noticeable and it doesn't ruin the experience, but is anyone else kinda beefed about it or have experienced it?

Never happened to me, at least. Been running smoothly all the way through.

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Bravely Default. It got a ton of hype as being a really great revival of old-school JRPG's, and the gameplay is definitely along those lines, but I'm maybe halfway through and the writing is so incredibly generic and boring that I just can't bring myself to play it anymore. I know JRPG's aren't exactly known for their great writing, but Bravely Default is just terrible with how uninspired the writing is.

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@shtinky said:

It's now Monday. This is the flagship show, that a lot of us subscribe to the site particularly to watch. I understand there are technical difficulties that need/ will be fixed, but....

But what? You'd rather they just throw it up with technical problems intact? Come on, dude.

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You are a cool dude, buddy.

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If you seriously care that much about some dumb award that ultimately matters nothing at all, then you need to find larger priorities to care about. Seriously. I love Dark Souls, but this is just kinda sad.