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This is why drunk posting is punishable on SA.

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Yo, spoiler in the title, man. Come on.

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I've got a beta for Payday 2 laying around now, if someone wants in. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197964694731/

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As a fellow european who just got a 3DS, do remember that Atlus games aren't really much of a possibility. I think Etrian Odyssey is the only one that actually has a release date, games like Soul Hackers and SMT4 don't even have a month associated with them regarding their release.

Being a fan of Atlus games in Europe is frustrating.

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I now have 10 Dota 2 keys in my inventory. Please, someone take them away from me. Steam ID is BONERFART420.

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As if I needed more reason to have nothing but absolute disdain for Kotaku. Such a shit website with such shit writers.

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Location: Northern Europe, GMT+1

Experience: I've played a decent amount of League of Legends, but Dota 2 definitely feels different, so not gonna say I'm confident at all with my skills in it yet.

Favorite Role/Hero: In League at least I try to play as many roles as possible, though I gravitate mostly towards support and mid characters. So stuff like that, I dunno?

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That's a shame. While D and D2 were by no means great games, they were definitely unique. His whole idea of digital actors was kinda silly, but at least he tried something different.

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I'd probably say FF6 or FF9 first. Both are fantastic games.

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While this is just Youtube spam, I appreciate you showing me this. Damn.