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That's Chakan.

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@zaccheus said:

Hmm... Shouldn't I get a code for the steam version since I bought it from their site? I seem to remember it saying that when I bought it.

The devs love for GB is awesome.

You should be able to go onto your Humble Store profile and look up the game on your list, there should be a Steam code on its page now.

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This is why drunk posting is punishable on SA.

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Yo, spoiler in the title, man. Come on.

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I've got a beta for Payday 2 laying around now, if someone wants in. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197964694731/

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As a fellow european who just got a 3DS, do remember that Atlus games aren't really much of a possibility. I think Etrian Odyssey is the only one that actually has a release date, games like Soul Hackers and SMT4 don't even have a month associated with them regarding their release.

Being a fan of Atlus games in Europe is frustrating.

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I now have 10 Dota 2 keys in my inventory. Please, someone take them away from me. Steam ID is BONERFART420.

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As if I needed more reason to have nothing but absolute disdain for Kotaku. Such a shit website with such shit writers.

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Location: Northern Europe, GMT+1

Experience: I've played a decent amount of League of Legends, but Dota 2 definitely feels different, so not gonna say I'm confident at all with my skills in it yet.

Favorite Role/Hero: In League at least I try to play as many roles as possible, though I gravitate mostly towards support and mid characters. So stuff like that, I dunno?

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That's a shame. While D and D2 were by no means great games, they were definitely unique. His whole idea of digital actors was kinda silly, but at least he tried something different.