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Yeah, you need one to have the other. Without Witcher 2, there would be no "TOUCH THE MREDRALLRON!"

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I thought it had the best story in the series. Altair's character arc in particular was really well-done.

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People who speak of Blizzard always being inept writers and storytellers aren't making any sense. Blizzard knew how to write dialogue, tell a story and knew how to create great, memorable characters. People still talk about and remember Raynor, Kerrigan, Marius, Arthas, Tassadar, Zeratul etc because they used to be very well-written and had great characterization. People who picked up SC2 or D3 with no previous knowledge of the previous games will not come back 14 years from now talking about how great that idiotic Azmodan was or how iconic Leah was, because Blizzard's storytelling abilities have fallen off a cliff. Just compare any cutscene from D2 to D3's. There's no obsession to be a go-for-broke epic. There's an atmosphere and just a desire to relay the story in a different format. Go watch Brood War's opening cutscene or the SC1 cutscene in the Science Vessel or Diablo II Act I intro or literally any other cutscene from that era of Blizzard games. There's a grit and identity to that universe that differentiates itself from Warcraft or Diablo. And no John Williams orchestra madness pounding away in every scene to forcibly jam EPICNESS down your throat.

Man, just had to get that off my chest. D3's story has given me an on-going aneurysm. It's completely destroyed that universe beyond repair. There used to be a defining atmosphere of sinister evilness and total despair, now it is high fantasy husk of what it once was. As much I like to play Blizzard games, what really put them over the top for me were their identifiable universes and now they've becoming actively terrible.

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@MasturbatingestBear: You can wildly alter core attributes with gems and loot. Blizzard has already shown build examples with melee wizards and petless witch doctors. A high-vitality demon hunter? Sure, whatever, find the gems and loot for it. A range barb? Okay... sure... rearrange your skills and the loot suitable for such a build. It is now, more than ever, about skills and the loot. I think that's a better focus for a game like Diablo.

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Make it more like the first one -- more puzzle-solving, multi-tasking, tension from being on the clock -- and I will have at least one fuck to give.

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Wait, I have question.

You can completely deny Chobot from being part of the crew? Will there be an empty slot where she should be or I can put someone else in that slot?

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Yes please.

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@Cr0ssbow: MSI Afterburner beta. It captures video and everything that comes out of my speakers and I just have a separate .wav file I record of myself on Audacity. I thought I would hate having to find that initial sync with my voice and the video, but it wasn't too bad and I like having that extra control so I can adjust the volume of my voice.

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Totally, the game has a lot of small and big problems, but man, it's so fun with friends.