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[A post that mentions Mirror's Edge.]

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Got two more Caspian Border rounds in today. The map gets better and better, because people are playing better. The chatlog has a lot less "THIS IS BATTLEFIELD" "OMFG" "HOLY BATTLEFIELD" and more of people just playing the game. The checkpoint and the antenna flags attract a lot of armor to armor combat, while the hilltop and the forest makes for some really interesting infantry combat because of the foliage, elevation and all the ways you can attack the hilltop, which is a key position to control if you want control of the center of the map. Sometimes, it's a mix-up of both vehicle and infantry, with maybe a heli crash landing into the forest, because it can and because CQ lets such awesomeness happen.

Caspian's incredibly well-designed, with little to no baserape and lots of ways to sneak around flanks. It really makes for some unpredictable and sometimes spontaneous combat, when firefights just explode out of nowhere. And a tank happens to roll on by. And a jet crashes above your head. And a few teammates happen to back you up just in the nick of time. It's awesome and just an excellent, expertly designed map. And hopefully, the commorose will help out when I'm trying to beg medics to drop some medkits when the game ships.

I've warmed up to Operation Metro. You play carefully; I played it BC2 gung-ho style during my first hours, but that just ended in frustration. Steady progress towards MCOMs wins it and denying the defenders from getting a strong, fortified position is everything. It's a completely different game than Caspian, but I'm having a lot of fun with it.

This is a radically different game from BC2 on CQ and an altered experience in Rush. I never doubted that this would be a real sequel and not just BC3, but it's nice to see my beliefs reaffirmed in such a spectacular way.

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New password from the community manager himself: videokilledtheradiostar

Go nuts.

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Ground armor can attack air. It's up to ground units to get rid of ground AA. That and they will be able to hit ground targets once the SOFLAM is avaliable.

The role of the jet has changed and I think there's a greater push for teamwork here than fearing one guy who drops bombs on your face all day while you can't do anything about it.

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DICE's community manager has given out the password on the EA UK forums and I'm sure people still keep on leaking the password out. There's not enough supply to meet the demand currently, though.

It really doesn't make much sense as to why they didn't just put this out for the beta. There are bugs, there are glitches, but I don't think people will really care, because you can still see all the qualities of what makes Battlefield great and it's still a hell of a lot more fun than Operation Metro.

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Someone spilled the password an hour ago and the servers filled up fast.

It was lagging to hell and back for awhile before stabilizing, textures were flickering and glitching out, weapon handling for vehicles was weird because of insensitive sensitivity, but, BUT

It was glorious. This is what Battlefield 3 is going to be all about. I can't go back to the Metro. The size, the scale and the scope of the map seriously threw me for a loop. I didn't expect such epic grandeur. This map is massive and the cluster of flags in the center of the map isn't as CQB as I thought it'd be. There's so much foliage, so many angles of attack and so much varied elevation to consider. I didn't know where to start. I was so overwhelmed by how fucking excited I got for this game again. It was so buggy and prone to glitching out and just being weird, but I was having so much fun. I couldn't believe how much fun I was having. Just seeing the battle play out over a hill was really something. After Operation Metro leaving me lukewarm, Caspian Border got me all hot and heavy.

Battlefield 3 is going to be unbelievably dope.

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G3 recon is the only good recon.

I also think it's really funny when recons call in mortars strikes on armor. By the time the shells start coming, that tank is usually long gone.

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It looks fake from how ghetto the entire thing looks.

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Like a lot of youse been sayin'; MW2 and Black Ops had Steamworks, so not surprising that MW3 will use it too.