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The 25 Reasons video shoulda been called 25 people mention one reason. They can reword it all they want but it was just women get harassed in gaming for being women.

I get harassed because of my Accent, We all get harassed on the internet. It is the internet so what's new.

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Stupid Ubisoft. That is what happens when you threaten the life of STEAM. I think. Anyway, Ubi lost me as a customer since I am mostly a PC gamer and I hate having to log in into a ton of apps to play my games.

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Go girlpower. But don't misslead or nag to us.

Come on, Patrick. I was expecting something funny and you sent us to a lecture.

Not necessary. Not cool.

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Hey, Patrick.

I was disgusted when I heard they were remaking The Thing (the one with Kurt Russel) but I eventually saw it and it was a prequel, not a remake. I liked it; I even bought the Disk to see the special effects closer.

Was Carpenter not involved in it?

I ask because you are one of the (not just video-games) Journalists I respect most and I am curious to know what your thoughts are on the new The Thing.

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Holy crap, Patrick. You got EVERYTHING that is worth reading in here. How do you go through all of the internet is such a short time?

Maybe I'm a slow reader but I'll be reading and digesting this for a while. Great stuff.

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Boss of Bosses was a gamespot thing but you could still post a video where you tear through a hard game just to show them kids how it's done. That was amazing.

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Go Steam. If I ever see Gave in person I'd hand-craft him a knife myself.

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I don't know what to type or if I should type but I hope all the bomb crew can gather strength from each other and from all the positive memories Ryan left. God bless all of you.

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David Hater could've done the facial mocap just as well.

By the way. Hayter not being Snake (be it Naked/Solid/Liquid etc) is a big deal. He'll be alright and does not need the money but he'll be like Conan without The Tonight Show. There are things that money (or credit) can't buy or replace.