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Hilversum, Netherlands

EDIT: waaaaaaaaaaaaah solo duder city

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Why isn't there a Brad announcer pack?

You have fancy recording equipment and people who are qualified to use it, can't you make a call to Erik Wolpaw or something Brad?

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@welding: I have some, not a lot, of coding experience. Fully aware that I could be dealing with (not playing) the absolute worst of the worst and in its most broken form too and that doesn't bother me. I'm an odd person.

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@jesus_phish: I know it's all about being a cog in a machine. That's all I want. I'm not looking for upwardly mobile jobs with career progression or any of that, some people are not ambitious and I'm one of them. I have no real ability to get into games in a meaningful way, that's not what I'm trying for. Old dog, new tricks, etc.

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...and all I can keep thinking about is testing. Some back story; I've been sick and basically stuck at home since September of last year, in which time all I've done is play games. The gravy train of being paid to be sick runs out the end of this month though, and I really, really don't want to go back to the area of work I do have experience in, finance, because I no longer want to hate myself for going to work every day, and because honestly I don't think I'm capable of bringing myself to do it any more. Given that I have no experience in anything else and a maths degree that gets me nowhere in a country where I don't speak the native language (I'm an Englishman living in the Netherlands), my options are limited. However, not to denigrate testers at all, but surely testing doesn't require much in the way of experience or qualifications beyond technical affinity and the ability to convey a thought in writing?

So, what I'm getting at I guess is does anyone have any experience with testing or indeed getting into a job in games? I have heard multiple testing horror stories and I know I'm letting myself in for an awful, soul crushing experience, but nonetheless it's an experience I wish to undergo. The problem though is I can basically find nothing of use online as far as job openings; if anyone has any suggestions either for finding a testing job here or if sending open applications is a good idea, or basically any input whatsoever, I'd appreciate it a great deal duders.

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I am a European baseball fan that does not own a Playstation anything.

I was looking forward to this game, any baseball game, coming out, and looking forward to having a reason to dust off my 360.

So angry.

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This is the best. You are the best.

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I know this post is old, but new patch: I have inscribed gems for Crystal Maiden and Sven - I REALLY want inscribed gems for Ogre Magi. Steam username is the same as here, pleeeeeeeeeeeease contact me.

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My point is though, there are assholes with bad pings and worse attitudes everywhere, the idea that this is uniquely Brazilian or Russian or anything is rubbing me very much the wrong way. I know an American guy who has spent more time in the low priority queue than he has the main one, does that call for a post lambasting American Dota players? I just don't get why race specifically is a thing here, I don't think there any more Russian assholes than there are of any other nationality.