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Alex plays drums.

Vinny plays guitar.

Do I really need to anything more to this post?

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Well, I was down for Leidseplein, but it turns out my boss had other ideas and now I'm working late.

I won't use the exact word I have in mind for him, but let's just say it begins with a c and rhymes with hunt.

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@alexisg: I'm down for Leidseplein, I just don't know it particularly well apart from the metal bar up the road - I'm open for any and all suggestions

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@mmmorrowind92: That place is like the very first stop for drunk/high English lads on a stag weekend, as a result it becomes pretty grating when you move here to avoid exactly that kind of person

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@mmmorrowind92: You could not name a more tourist-filled hell hole on a Saturday night if you tried

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The Doors on Spuistraat might be the way forward, super cheap beer, good music, not completely packed with tourists - I'm down for whatever though

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@gaff: Hahahaha, I know all too well where this place is. I would gladly take Alexis there lol, he can see some of the local workforce!

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@alexisg: Drinking's cool and all Alexis, but you can do that in countless places. What you can't do in a whole lot of places is buy weed in a coffee shop. See where I'm going with this? Spirit on Westerstraat has multiple pinball machines, including a damn good Theatre of Magic table, but my suggestions are uneducated as I've lived her for like 2.5 years and I don't live in Amsterdam, so anyone else's ideas are sure to be better?

Edit: CraveShins is meeeeee

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Hilversum, Netherlands

EDIT: waaaaaaaaaaaaah solo duder city