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Nice Bartleby reference, Alex.

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Great article Patrick, but the XNA link links to the Zynga article.

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Dys4ia is really, really good. Anna Anthropy's work is really hit or miss for me, but that was just an amazing little piece of insight into who she is, as well as a great example of using game mechanics to tell a story.

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Man, that's sad. I can't read Zeschuck's letter as anything but "Greg Zeschuk has retired to drink himself to death."

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There are some really great moments before the train, but everything after that felt long-winded and out of place. And damn, this episode felt like it was just dedicated to undoing any effects of the decisions you made in the first two games. Even with regard to how people react to you - so many people die anyway, it doesn't matter. The only person I've felt like I had any impact on what he thought of me is Kenny, and man, fuck Kenny.

The "Carley will rememember you said that" trick was brilliant though.