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@mb said:

@fuzzy_dunlop said:

I thought it was interesting that a fellow was muted in the chat earlier today for simply mentioning masturbation, meanwhile the staff were talking about Brazzer's apps and taking their pants off with Alexis. I don't know who muted the dude - I understand muting someone for something excessively crude or disgusting, but something as trivial as that seems a little overly stringent and goes against the whole spirit of Giant Bomb. It's not a significant thing, the guy wasn't perma-banned, I just thought it was a bit curious, seeing people get shut down for things that don't necessarily violate rules.

There is quite a chasm between jokingly talking about taking pants off and straight up saying "I'm masturbating right now." The latter is definitely not appropriate for the chat or forums and falls under the "no overtly sexual material" proviso.

I think that is also meant to be a joke, my brief experience with the internet has taught me that people are rarely literal in these circumstances. If you're suggesting people need to more creative, with banning as a punishment, than I agree 100%.

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Is it possible Giant Bomb is resposible for this game's questionable existence? The story off the game's creation seems to be "When Johnny V met John Drake"

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Does commenting get the burn victim off the front page, if so, get well soon burn victim

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people who get all riled up over a review have a tenuous grasp on reality, and like most people who seem like they might start rolling around in their own shit any second, i find it best to ignore them

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considering the millions of people who own kinect and the fact that they would be potentially averse to buying a downloadable game, it makes sense, but it would have to be completely unlike any other twisted pixel game for me to drop that much money on it.

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I love that the story remains complete inscrutable, "heir to the title of holy warrior", why put that in the trailer? what does that even mean?

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he was the beginning of the end of 1up yours for me, it would bum me the fuck out if he was on the bombcast

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thanks for doing this, that was entertainment

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@FluxWaveZ said:
" @PipeAndSlippers said:
" why are the hit points so high? they should just make 1000 the most and scale back from there. "
I've always, always thought that.  But you must admit that it's satisfying when you see the numbers "99999" in red fly out of an enemy because you just landed a devastating critical hit. "
yeah, its like hyperinflation though, where milk costs a million dollars.
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why are the hit points so high? they should just make 1000 the most and scale back from there.

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