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It is almost like they grabbed footage from a prototype build...The city seems empty, and uninteresting.

The combat might be great, and that's why I stuck through all of XIII and most of XIII-2, so I guess a wait and see approach is in order.

And by wait and see I mean, wait until I can snag it from 20 bucks or less.

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Shadow of the Colossus for sure - but only if he vows to play it start to finish. Simply showing or playing it for him won't cut it.

Also, if people don't want to believe something, forcing it upon them will only make them recoil even more. Whatever you end up showing him won't be enough - ie he will look for the flaws far before he ever looks at it as art.

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Secretly, The Phantom Pain is actually the Silent Hill reboot starring Big Boss.

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Remember when flOw wasn't a game? THOSE WERE THE DAYS.

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My NNID is: DJAllard

Add away!

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The Flashbulb - Good Luck Out There

Icona Pop - Ready For The Weekend

Yppah - Film Burn

Confidence Boost (James Blake Remix) - Trimbal

Eggedosis - Lindstrøm


As for songs from games -

Sync - FEZ

Crystals - Hotline Miami

Finale - Botanicula

Take Us Back - The Walking Dead

Lala - Botanicula

Edit: 1 more song from Botanicula - Hotline Miami will beat it out on this site for Best Music I'm sure, but MAN is the Botanicula soundtrack great.

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Sorry, you are totally right, I had read the article earlier in the day, and was looking at the album description elsewhere where it said based on Operation Desert Storm, and got it in my head it was Operation Desert Storm. (Any chance Mods could move?)

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Musician Fatima Al Qadiri has made an album inspired by EDIT: Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf. It is a really weird callback and inspiration for a grime/electronic album, but I dig it quite a bit. I never played Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf. so can anyone that did comment if this at all feels like some sort of homage in any roundabout way?

Either way it has a good mixture of genres and styles to stand on its own merits.

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I kind of feel like the original game was already a directors cut.