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Needs to happen.

When he mentioned it on the podcast I imagined the 8-4 folks walking into their office in the morning to find a passed out Jeff sleeping amidst piles of TG-16 games.

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@MegaLombax: Patronizing? Why? Because she is a lady? Or because she is too stubborn to realize the core mechanic of a game?

I still am confused as to why people are unable to take helpful suggestions from a more experienced person. I don't feel patronized when my Dad tells me how to fix a car - I feel fing greatful that he is able to impart knowledge onto me - even if he doesn't always do it in the nicest way possible.

The thing with Video Games is that on a core level they are driven by mechanics - if was telling her that the opinions she drew from a movie/tv show/art exhibit were wrong there would be a problem, but telling someone the "correct" means to play a game is akin to my dad teaching me how to change my oil.

I don't like backseat drivers, but when I learned stick a little constructive feedback was appreciated instead of having to troubleshoot my way through the situation. At a certain point I became comfortable with the "correct" way of driving stick and thus stopped having to have a running dialogue with a more experienced person if they happened to be in the car at the time.

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If I was missing a major game mechanic and someone told me about it I would be thankful.

Being a girl has little or nothing to do with it. It is her own insecurity about being taken seriously that is getting in the way of her actually playing it as it was designed to be played.

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Katawa Shoujo

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I have a friend that talks like that all the time, so I found Tiny Tina quite funny.

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I never played it on pc, but the audio mix on 360 seems a little rough. CDPR are wizards though for somehow getting it to work on 6-7 year old hardware.

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Should be an art director/scenario designer that is for hire for other studios. Grasshopper seems competent, but unable to really find its feet.

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Britt Daniel (Spoon)

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His live vocals are some of the best I've seen.

Julian Casablancas of The Strokes is a close second though.

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@MikeLemmer said:

... and the tanks slide sideways.

So it really is like Armored Core V then.