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They need to get a PC in the new office stat. I really enjoy their PC Quicklooks. I usually have zero interest in playing the games they feature, but it is like looking into another world with some of the games they play.

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Travis Touchdown. I mean Touchdown is in his name.

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If Genndy Tartakovsky made an animated show in the style of the Star Wars Clone Wars shorts he made i would be pretty stoked. Would keep the budget in check certainly.

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The problem, I maintain, is that in the school system, a 7/10 or 70%, is average. Anything below is bad/failing, anything above is better then average.

Also, if you think game reviews are inconsistent, Try music reviews. Pitchfork is the worst as far as consistency - and they use a hundred point scale. But they also use the full spectrum. A 5.0/10.0 is average.

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Just saying that if Indie Fund had the slush fund of the combined total between DF Kickstarter and Wasteland 2 (Some 4.5 million), they would be able to fund a greater number of games, and games with loftier ambitions then those that they have funded so far. Essentially Indie Fund is a publisher, without all the business problems of the bigger names in the industry.

I'm excited to see what comes out of both projects, but am wary nonetheless. I still think it would have been cool to see the game Schafer originally had in mind when he asked for 400k to split between video production and development.

So sure, my point is pure conjecture because Wasteland 2 has been funded - and will probably end up with around three times the amount they originally asked for.

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The bigger issue is that Fargo hasn't stayed relevant like Tim Schafer. I wish all this money (and a portion of double fine's) would have gone to indie fund, which gives money to creators that aren't proven, but have good ideas and/or prototypes that just need more polish/time/money to become shipable products.

Q.U.B.E. and Dear Esther were a part of indie fund, and I think giving money to a consortium of sorts is better then throwing it recklessly at a single project. Dear Esther took 55k to polish for retail, So presumably you'd be able to fund games on that magnitude, and bring more and more creatives into the pool of developers.

Maybe if Fargo had put together some kind of proof of concept for Wasteland 2, I'd be more willing to fund. Also, a genuine appeal ala Tim Schafer was far more successful then the whining that Fargo did.

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To quote Jeff: "Why?"

You say yourself that you don't listen/read/play some of your collection, doesn't that itself lessen the impact of said consumable? I don't need to hold in my possession something to understand the impact or significance of said entity. That would be like saying you couldn't really "get" the constitution without owning a copy of it. Hell, I went to the National Archives in DC last year, and reading the Deceleration of Independence in person didn't change my understanding of the significance of the document.

At the MIT 150 year celebration, a charter was signed on an iPad. Is anyone going to sit there a hundred years from now and be bummed there was no actual document? Does the document not "count" because there is no physical copy? Does the lack of physicality suddenly discount ideas? If I don't write something down does the idea cease to have importance? You are treading in weird philosophical territory.

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All I could think about while reading this was The South prior to the Civil War with rhetoric like "America wouldn't be America without slaves"

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A school should not have to teach morality. That responsibility is reserved for the parent/guardian outside of the institution. -And I thought this was a video game site.