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I'm old enough to remember the days when you had to type in the pages of code before you could play the games. The hours it took to get a GOSUB error were priceless. OK, I should have been out enjoying the British weather but why bother when you could have been skiing with Horace or running with Daley. 
Best times? FFVII gave me so many heart stopping moments, the emotional effect of simply playing and experiencing the game has not been bettered since. The many happy hours spent perfecting a canal system in SimCity or the most crazy Theme Park showed me that games didn't have to be about blowing things up (well at least not until you got bored and set free Godzilla). The time when other players started following me around in COD 3 as I hit a very rare winning streak is also freakishly memorable. Of course hitting level 80 in WOW is always a cause for celebration (and also painful regret).  
So many good times to be honest, and contrary to my parents' viewpoint, time playing is not time wasted. So if your heavy needs a medic, just yell ...