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This actually has me considering getting one. I'd mostly be doing it so I could play a bunch of Halo, though. I might be an idiot.

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@richardquarisa said:

While racial diversity is a worthwhile discussion, another issue this whole thing brought up for me is that GB is kind of pigeon-holed into hiring people who represent the same views as the existing staff. They have a personality driven site with a "everyone who works here are really good friends" vibe going on. The downside to that is its difficult (not impossible) to bring in people with radically different view points without disrupting that camaraderie. That said it remains to be seen how different/similar their tastes are to that of the existing crew.

They may all be friends and get along but this group of people absolutely has different opinions and views on different games and genres. How often can you hear Jeff's eyes roll at the DOTA talk?

If they all agreed on everything, we'd have a 10-minute long GOTY show to listen to every Christmas.

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@syz said:

Turning away somebody as qualified and experienced as Ryckert in the name of diversity seems like it would have been kind of... discriminatory.

The public hiring call seems like it was intended to cover some bases and to get a sense of just what was out there; an act of utility. But when people who are so qualified and experienced become a possibility, all other things (gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, like of Avatar) being equal, you go with that experience.

I agree. I really doubt they'd take the time and effort to sort through candidates and a long hiring process if they already had their minds 100% made up.

Is it a problem there aren't more minorities represented in games journalism? Yes, but the solution to that problem isn't to hire them just because.

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Could someone illuminate exactly what was happening? Could we get that kind of post here?

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Welcome Dan and Jason! Can't wait to see y'all on videos and live shows!!

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I think he was streaming it via the PS4 built-in streaming functionality, in which case there's no twitch archive, it doesn't save those.

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Didn't work here either! :(

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I fixed my name in the OP - my name is piratenippie, with an I instead of an L. I can search for myself and find it. Please add!

(yes, I did that to circumvent the filter whenever I created it)

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@lord_canti: weird! I'll have to figure it out when I get home :(

Edit - that's definitely my name, no idea, I added you though, let me know if it doesn't show up

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Duders! Let's swap account names and add each other for some leaderboard competition! List your platform and your name!

PS4 - PirateNippie (ie at the end, not le)