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Like a greatest hits with the end of the world theme. 0

    Allot of ideas and innovations that are made in games are almost guaranteed to be picked up by other games and developers. In some cases, this helps to improve or make the ideas better, if elaborated on. Darksiders, Is not one of those games. It doesn't want to improve anything, it simply wants to give you the best of both worlds and it does to a point.      Because it's a bad-ass idea, you play as War, one of the Four-Horsemen. You've been betrayed or screwed over or something, I don't know...

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Not your run of the mill cute fantasy. This game will F*** you up 0

    Demon's souls developers aren't worried about making their game casual and for everyone to enjoy. They decided to please the more hard-core type of gamers. This game is unrelenting, and would rather smack your hand than hold it. So if your into punishment and love a challenge, or have a fetish for dieng, this is your game.      The Story does what little it can get a way with and gets out of your way, so you can get to the meat of the game quickly. The starting of the game may seem like a wa...

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Not quite the Tim Schafer Experience. 0

    Tim Schafer is a developer where you just can't help but to root for, he makes some of the most funniest and clever characters and the same could be said about the writing. So how does he follow up what I thought was an incredible platformer that was Psyconauts? Brutal Legend.      While Brutal legend isn't nearly as good as it's hyped up to be, one thing is still the same, the fantastic characters and even funnier dialogue. The rest is just filler, it seems. It starts off as a action game, ...

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A major improvement that will go unnoticed. 0

    Developers of the gothic series have attempted again with the fantasy vibe. While it feels like it's becoming the next WWII of video games. That hasn't stopped developed from making Risen, which is a improvement and large step in the right direction for the developers, but not quite enough to launch it to main status.      In a market being flooded with these types of games, it's essential for a fantasy game to stand out or be another title. It can be hard to recommend these types of games w...

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The Raider's of the Lost Ark equivalent of Video games. 0

    Naughty dog has always been the developer who could take ideas from other games and blend it well together in their own game. So it was with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, which combined platforming and heart pounding gun battles, with gorgeous looking environments. Although while that game wasn't a explosive Hit, Uncharted 2: Among thieves has just bumped itself into the flagship title of the PS3. Sorry MGS4.      What seems to be the focus point i this generation of consoles, seems to be the ...

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Who ya gonna call? 0

When you think of Ghostbusters and video games, there isn't a whole lot that comes to mind. After a almost uncertain developement fase, Ghostbusters has finally released, but not as a movie tie in. That's because Ghostbusters the game is a sequel to the movies.    Anyone who wasa huge fan of the movies back when they were a little kid is going to feel right at home with this. The game has so many refferences to the movies it's mind-boggling. You play as the nameless hero who never speaks, which ...

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Free Realms 0

    For a free game, Free Realms looks like it might have had a subscription at one time and then went free, but no, this game was designed to be free, at least give you the illusion of free. See, it doesn't cost money to play the game in it's bare form, but it does cost money if you want more than just TWO classes to play as, and other such things.    Free Realms is actually trying to be a starting point for young kids looking to get into the MMO market. So this game is more of a tutorial to MM...

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Damn waste of time. 1

    You are not going to like this game. As tempting as it is to leave it at that I might as well explain why your going to be hitting your head on a desk wishing you hadn't paid full price for something that is a large test of patience.    The big thing for me, while i was playing this, was the god awful sound in this game. The weapons sound dumb and are the equivalent of nails running down a chalk board. If that doesn't sound bad enough then you have to listen to the same said sound because th...

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It went quietly... that's good. 0

    Simplisity has never really been a problem for me in gaming. A game is too easy to beat? fine, beat it forget it, but this is the first time in a game where simplicity actually frustrates me.     You will be sneaking up on some of the most dumbest people ever. The AI is obviously a AI, it will follow the same set path over and over again very unconvincingly. It doesnt really feel like your sneaking up on a person but more or less just sneaking, waiting, walking slowly, killing the guy.    Th...

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A game made up of cliche 0

   Basically, Ninja Blade is the forgotten child of Ninja Gaiden. No love, or attention for the game. Although a game like this might be a smash oversea, it doesn't really appeal to western gamers interest.    The story is basically just there for you to do a bunch of crazy, law of gravity, defying stuff that no one else can do because your a Ninja. You'll hang upside down on airplanes and jump hundreds of feet and land without a scratch. You won't just be watching though, you'll be interacting ...

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You are the hero. 0

Video games and super heroes are a great mix. There are many games that have blended these two concepts and be very successful. Now that Infamous comes along, it changes up the game, makes it more involving, and nearly perfects the idea of playing a super hero.    The story is told mostly through a comic book style which blends in well with the mood of the game. It would have been nice to have more Cut-scenes, but the comic book story telling is different. The story starts out basic, but gives t...

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A game you'll rewind time and time again. 0

    On paper, Braid sounds like a typical side-scrolling adventure, with time control thrown in, but what makes this game a trip is the style, heart, and philosophy behind this game. This game was a labor of love from it's developers and it really shows.     Braid has a time control element to it. Time control may sound like a gimmick to games these days, but it's utilized to perfection in this game. You absolutely need it to solve puzzles and get past certain enemies, and Braid has allot of puz...

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Castle Crashers: A love note to the old arcade games. 0

    For 1200 microsoft points you can get a variety of content including entire games. There's a wide choice of different games but one that will stand out above them all is Castle Crashers.     Castle Crashers plays like the classic arcade beat 'em ups from the old days of games, while adding a variety of new game play mechanics to make sure it's not just another beat 'em up, but an update to an old genre of gaming. You'll hack 'n slash and fight huge monsters, some whacky and some that will ju...

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Bargain Bin Review: Unreal Tournament 3. 0

    Most people go through bargain bins because every so often you find a gem like UT3, and you quickly grab it before anyone else and wonder why it would be in such a place. Then you remember back when it was released it simply came and went without so much as a whimper.    The game sticks to the basics and does what it knows best: Frantic, solid online play. UT3 services in this department. If you played a Unreal Tournament before, this will feel pretty much the same. What is new is the abilit...

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Bargain Bin Review: Crackdown. 0

    Wow, what a steal this game was at $10. Crackdown is one of those hidden gems. It was a success, but not big enough of one to warrant a sequel, which is sad because the developers really laid down the ground work for what could have been a super franchise.    The story: There is none. Your genetically enhanced, please go kill these people. That's the game in a nut shell. It's allot of fun to just rampage through a city, running at high speeds, jumping over traffic, climbing onto rooftops the...

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Resident Evil 5 Reinvigorates the phrase "Action/Adventure" 0

    These days shooters are all about... well shooting. Resident Evil 5 has shooting, but it's not the main focus. You can tell a game is well made when it's hard for you to point out which part of the game has been more focused on than the other. That's the case with RE5.    It feels like a while since I've last played a decent adventure game and RE5 shoots some life into the genre. What helps the game play is things like having to manage your inventory, which adds a hint of micro-management. S...

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Terminator Salvation: Another notch in the belt of bad movie game 0

    I am SO thankful I decided to rent this game for 2 days instead of three. The only reason I can see people play this game is to get some quick, easy achievements, even though you don't get that many and you still have to play through the game.   Set as a prequel to the movie, you're obviously playing as John Connor, only you look nor sound anything like Christian Bale, yet every other character has the same likeness. The game is a complete knock off of Gears of War. You can even tell by look...

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Punch out and Punch in!! 3

    To start off, if you loved the original, then your going to love this Re-make. Yes, it is a Re-make, but there is a few things here and there that make this a worthy Re-make.     Punch out was of those games that you didn't buy, take home and beat, this was a game you needed to try and get better at, mainly because of the twitch action that is involved, you have to act fast in the game, and remember certain patterns for certain fighters. That is  what made it so fun for me, trying every time...

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Bionic Commando. No it's not a re-make. 2

    For a title which game play relies on a swinging mechanic, I was a little hesitant when playing this game, since the Spider-man games have set the standard. From what I've played, in my opinion, Bionic Commando does a better job at raising that bar. Swinging around, picking things up, attacking enemies all things you can do with the arm and it's a blast I spent the first few minutes just swinging around randomly picking things up and trying out the physics in the game and it didn't get borin...

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Godfather 2 Review. Unlike the movie, it's not a great sequal 0

    The Godfather was known as a masterpiece in film, and it was followed up by yet another masterpiece which set the stage for sequels in cinema. Now, the Godfather was released to generally positive reviews and was a very enjoyable game, so where did they go wrong with the sequel?    Like the first Godfather game, you'll create your own character, drive around a city, and beat the crap out of people your protecting for money. You'll be doing this all over again, but this time you get to do it ...

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Bargain Bin Review: Stranglehold. 0

     Taking heavy inspiration from the Max Payne franchise, and a sequel to john Woo's "Hardboiled" (not to mention he also collaborated on the game), you'd think you could take one glance at Stranglehold, and know exactly what it's all about... wait you can. Stranglehold knows exactly what it is, and except for a few twists on the gameplay, doesn't bother to try and be different.    Chow Yun Fat provides both his voice, and likeness to the game in order to reprise his role as inspector Tequila,...

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine isn't the best, but far from the worst. 1

    Wolverine Finally gets the video game treatment he's so desperately deserved after travesties such as "X2: Wolverine's Revenge". Originally, this game was not being developed as a tie-in move adaptation, but rather a stand alone game, until the developer's were asked if they would wait to release the game along with the movie. This gave them a whole year to fix and polish the game and do extra work on it, and it some ways, it shows... some.    The important thing is gameplay, and with the in...

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